Emerald Green Terra Cotta Cazuelas – 6 Inches (4 Dishes)

Emerald Green Terra Cotta Cazuelas – 6 Inches (4 Dishes)

Terra Cotta Tapas Dishes

Item: CA-52

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  • Dappled green glaze
  • Made in Catalunya
  • Great for tapas and snacks
  • Oven-to-table
  • Food safe, lead-free
  • Size - 4 x 8 oz/1 cup

These beautiful cazuelas have a dappled green glaze and rustic sensibility. These terra cotta dishes are a great way to serve tapas like olives, cheese or sliced jamón. They can also be used in the oven to prepare seafood or other hot dishes, then carried to the table and served hot.

Our cazuelas have small handles added by hand - they call them “orejas” (ears) in Spain. The emerald glaze becomes speckled when it is fired, creating a dappled appearance. All glazes are food safe and lead free.

The town of Breda in Catalunya has been a famous ceramics center since Roman times. The local clay has the perfect consistency for making sturdy terra cotta dishes that can retain heat.

Note: Never transition a cazuela from high heat to water or a cold surface as it could crack. Similarly, never place a cold cazuela on high heat. Always heat or cool cazuelas very slowly. Wash by hand.

As each piece is hand painted, the exact color may vary.

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