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Pata de Mulo Cheese - 1.1 Pounds


Pata de Mulo Cheese - 1.1 Pounds

Mild, Firm Sheep's Milk Cheese

All Natural

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  • Smooth, mild flavor
  • Firm texture, cylindrical shape
  • Aged about 3 months
  • High cream content
  • Raw sheep's milk cheese
  • Size - About 1.1 lbs/500 g

Pata de Mulo is a wonderful introduction to Spanish sheep's milk cheeses. It has a mild sharpness with a firm texture. It is somewhat like a mild, smooth Parmesan cheese. Serve it at room temperature with fruit or membrillo jelly and a glass of Spanish red wine.

With a high cream content, its texture is smooth and pleasant. And compared to other sheep's milk cheeses it is relatively low in acidity, making for a flavorful yet approachable cheese.

Pata de Mulo is a classic semi-aged cheese from Castille y León, formed on a wooden plank into its distinctive oblong shape, which looks a bit like a mule's hoof - hence its colorful name! It is aged from 3 to 4 months until it is fairly dense with a pearly gray rind.

Bring this Pata de Mulo Spanish cheese to room temperature before slicing. It may have a slight amount of harmless mold on its rind, simply wipe away with a cloth and some vegetable oil.

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  • "Delicious! "

    Joel - Cranston, RI October 2019

  • "Very nice flavor!"

    Nuria - West Hollywood, CA June 2016

  • "very good thank you"

    RUBEN - COOPER CITY, FL October 2015

  • "This is my first time to taste this cheese, and like the cheese from Spain, the flavor is good."

    Gerardine - Elmhurst, NY December 2014

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