Exceptional Terra Cotta Cazuelas

January 2004

These classic rustic refractory clay cazuelas are only made in the area near Breda, in Catalunya. The secret to the exceptional quality of these remarkable cooking products the special clay of the region, coveted by potters since Roman times. It comes from the Pyrenean foothills where the local artisans follow the Roman custom of adding very fine pebbles to this traditional clay thereby producing refractory clay.

The potters fire the dishes and cookware at a temperature that is higher than is normal for terra cotta production. The antique design cazuelas feature hand shaped handles which the potters manually attach to each cazuela before firing - in contrast to the mechanically produced cazuelas with cast handles.

After the initial firing, the artisans remove the items from the oven and leave them out to cool completely (about 24 hours, more or less). Finally, the potters hand dip each item in a food safe glaze and re-fire them. The finished product is an authentic rustic traditional cazuela.

Cazuelas are used for cooking and serving food, as they have been for millennia. Follow the link below to find out how to prepare your cazuela for use on the stove or oven.

A health note: our producer is the only manufacturer in Spain, which for quality control, uses photo-atomic analysis to assure that the products are cadmium-free and lead-free. The FDA requirement for a product being lead-free is one part per million (PPM). Our cazuelas have less than three hundredths (03) parts per million (PPM).

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