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Bring the Flavors of Spain Home for the Holidays

Gathering with extended family for a great meal is not a special occasion in Spain as much as a weekly event!  Add a touch of Spanish flavor to America's great family holiday by introducing these delicious flavors to your guests. A touch of Spain, whether a pinch of smoked paprika or a glass of wonderful Spanish wine, can compliment your favorite recipes and bring new tastes to your family meal.

Festive Snacks

Delicious nibbles to offer guests as they arrive.

Warm Bites

Warm up the cool December days with these artisan treats from Spain.

Savory Stuffing Ingredients

Add a special touch to your holiday stuffing with a dash of Spanish flavor.

Serving with Style

Beautiful hand painted ceramics and hand carved olive wood add warmth and beauty to your table.

Sweet Treats

Sweet and sophisticated, these artisan treats are perfect for nibbling throughout the weekend.

The Best of Spain