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Receta de Chorizo a la Sidra - Chorizo with Cider Recipe

La Tienda Kitchens

  • 40 minutes
  • 6 servings
Chorizo with Cider Recipe
A classic Asturian dish, the balance of the meaty chorizo and tangy cider is a wonderful combination! For other great flavors, replace the cider with a hearty red or flavorful white wine.
Rated 4.5 Stars


  • 1generous lb/500 g chorizo or smoked garlic sausage
  • 3 cups sidra or apple cider
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Cut the sausage into chunks. Place it in a terra cotta dish and cover with sidra.



Bring it to a boil and leave on a low heat to reduce the liquid by half. Serve in the dish.

Reviews (3)

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October 2015

Rated 5 Stars

Company here, what have I got? Checked the cupboards found your recipe, threw it together real fast. Ended up just doing a tapas theme, was excellent.

June 2015

Rated 4 Stars

This recipe is what introduced me to La Tienda. It is simple and delicious. I make it frequently now and it never fails to delight guests.

December 2014

Rated 5 Stars

I have been making this and serving with crusty bread for years successfully - best ever! all you need is two ingredients, but they need to be the highest quality.

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