Tortilla Espanola Sampler

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Tortilla Española Sampler

Tortilla Española Sampler

Three All Natural Flavors

  • Classic Spanish potato omelet
  • All natural, no preservatives
  • Three flavors: classic, onion and pepper
  • Comforting snack, hot or cold
  • Frozen, ready to heat and serve
  • Size - 3 x 1.1 Pounds

Spanish tortilla is one of the most popular dishes in all of Spain. This classic dish is a satisfying mix of potatoes and eggs, enjoyed warm or cold at any hour of the day! If you’ve been longing for the comforting bite of a true Spanish tortilla, we have the answer! Our Tortilla Española Sampler offers three versions of the famous dish, and the most authentic taste outside of Spain.

Our tortillas are all natural, made with the same simple set of ingredients that Spanish mothers use across the country. The classic version, made with just potatoes, eggs, sea salt and olive oil, is universally loved!

We’ve included two other versions for you to try, a tortilla with onions and a tortilla with red peppers. Each of these tasty omelets is shipped frozen, for you to enjoy when you most crave the comforting dish. Simply thaw the tortilla before you serve it.

There are many ways to eat this favorite dish. You can serve it in thick wedges with a dollop of alioli or salsa brava, or make a bocadillo by sandwiching it between crusty bread. With these premade tortillas, you can easily enjoy the same dish you may have tasted in cafes in Madrid or Barcelona!

Each of the three tortillas in this sampler weighs 1.1 pounds.

We may substitute products of equal quality for those shown in photo.

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 20 reviews Write a review
  • avatar

    " Arrived completely frozen! It is delicious! "

    Agradecida - C, TN - Jan 19, 2018

  • avatar

    "I ordered the variety pack and they are VERY good!! I just wish the price was a little lower because toy can find these in a Spanish supermarket for as little as 2 euros. "

    Niña - ORLANDO, FL - Oct 30, 2017

  • avatar

    "These tortillas transported me to Spain like I was having breakfast in a bar in Madrid, exquisite"

    Carlos_egr - Fort Myers, FL - Oct 22, 2017

  • avatar

    "These are Christmas gifts so we will know for sure in December. They look great for right now."

    Alethea M. Schetter - Springfield, OH - Oct 15, 2017

  • avatar

    "The plain tortilla was OK but not great. Still haven't tried the tortilla with peppers"

    Cory - Los Angeles, CA - Oct 1, 2017

  • avatar

    "Decadent, easy preparation, Fresh taste"

    Erik - Rego Park, NY - Sep 24, 2017

  • avatar

    "Once again, Tienda's tortillas espagnola are terrific."

    HOWARD CHAYKIN - VENTURA, CA - Dec 25, 2016

  • avatar

    "OMG!!!! the best..."

    Veronica Cook - NEW YORK, NY - May 8, 2016

  • avatar

    "wanted to try this was a bit salty but good"

    Grace Hagedorn - Stockton, CA - Apr 3, 2016

  • avatar

    "Very easy to prepare and really tasty."

    MARY NAZEMI - BALTIMORE, MD - Feb 7, 2016

  • avatar

    "Don't let the size of these fool you: I was afraid I would not have enough for my guests, but they are very heavy and amazingly good! I served them with the Iberico thick sliced bacon."

    KRIS R - Saint Petersburg, FL - Dec 30, 2015

  • avatar

    "fantastic! the onion tortilla is just like abuelas! thank you! "

    Marianne Quilez - Dublin, CA - Dec 27, 2015

  • avatar

    "yummy! "

    RUdy Flojo - Garden Grove, CA - Dec 21, 2015

  • avatar

    "We really liked this and we shared them with some other parents and children at Intrnational Night in my daughter's school. They were very good, but could have used a bit more salt."

    maria kamel - herndon, VA - Nov 1, 2015

  • avatar

    "Everyone LOVED the tortilla"

    SARA GUTGSELL - BURR RIDGE, IL - Oct 21, 2015

  • avatar

    "I love this premade lazy persons breakfast!"

    Douglas R. Delgado - Hampton, Virginia - Dec 21, 2014

  • avatar

    "Great product. Have it for breakfast a snack, whenever. Whatever you do, do NOT follow the heating instructions on the package for microwave - you will overcook it and dry it out. Use "defrost" first, then just 30 seconds on "High" to cook."

    Steve. H. - Silver Spring, MD - Dec 7, 2014

  • avatar

    "I would add more white onions"

    Giuseppina Hansen - Ashland, VA - Jun 8, 2014

  • avatar

    "Absolutely deicious!!!"

    Valerie B - pittsburgh, PA - May 31, 2014

  • avatar

    "Authentic. Delicious. Quick & simple to prepare and serve. The only thing better would be to be in Barcelona and have the tortilla served to you in a fine tapas bar."

    Gale B Marrone - JOHNS ISLAND, SC - May 4, 2014

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