Tapas Tasting Tray with Jamón, Ibérico Chorizo and Almonds

Tapas Tasting Tray with Jamón, Ibérico Chorizo and Almonds

Serrano Ham, Ibérico de Bellota Chorizo and Marcona Almonds

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  • Instant tapas! Serves 2-4
  • Ibérico de Bellota chorizo
  • Premium Marcona almonds
  • Iconic Jamón Serrano
  • Protein packed snack tray
  • Size - 6.5 oz/184 gr

Ready for great tapas anywhere! Just open this tasting tray, uncork a bottle of wine and serve. This gourmet selection of reserve Serrano ham, acorn-fed Ibérico de Bellota chorizo sausage and crunchy Marcona almonds brings the best of Spain anytime, from picnics to wine parties. It is also a nice gift to share Spain’s delicious foods with friends and family.

This tapas tasting tray holds about freshly sliced jamón, slices of acorn-fed pork chorizo with smoky pimentón de La Vera paprika and Spain’s premium Marcona almonds cooked in olive oil. The tray is enough for 2 to 4 people to share. Each compartment is sealed separately to preserve the foods’ authentic flavors and freshness.

Our nitrate-free Serrano ham from Spain is aged over 15 months and we slice it in bite-sized slices fresh at La Tienda. We also slice the acorn-fed, pasture raised Ibérico de Bellota chorizo, a meltingly delicious sausage with a mild smokiness. Marconas are the finest almonds in the world, with a rich, roasted flavor that is a world apart from typical almonds.

Weights for the items included in this tray are as follows: Serrano ham - 2 oz, chorizo sausage - 3 oz and Marcona almonds - 1.5 oz.