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Vichy Catalan Mineral Water

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Vichy Catalan Mineral Water

Sparkling Water from Catalan Hot Springs | BV-04

All Natural

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  • Naturally sparkling water
  • From ancient Catalan volcanic springs
  • High mineral content
  • Healing, healthful properties
  • Size - 1 liter glass bottle

Vichy Catalán is a mythical brand among European mineral waters. The naturally sparkling water wells up from the depths of the earth at a Catalán hot spring that has been renowned for its medicinal prowess from antiquity. In 1880, a doctor by the name of Modest Furest Roca, purchased the springs and in eight short years, Vichy Catalán had earned the gold medal at the Universal Expo. The first Spanish water to be exported, Vichy Catalán is renowned far and wide and is a sought after ingredient for modern culinary recipes and cocktails.

The summer rains filter through granite to a depth where they are heated by volcanic activity and become infused with carbon dioxide and minerals. When the water bubbles up to the surface, its temperature is 140 degrees F! It simply tastes great and has a truly delicious and refreshing flavor. I brought a case to a friend as a gift -- and now he looks forward to Vichy Catalán every time I return!

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