Cinco Jotas Sliced 100% Ibérico de Bellota Paleta - 1.5 oz

Cinco Jotas Sliced 100% Ibérico de Bellota Paleta - 1.5 oz

Hand-Cut Acorn-Fed Ibérico Paleta (Shoulder)

Item: JM-112

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  • Acorn-fed, pasture raised
  • Hand-sliced with a knife
  • By Cinco Jotas from Jabugo
  • True pata negra paleta
  • Size - 1.5 oz

Cinco Jotas is Spain's premium brand of the finest acorn-fed, pasture-raised Ibérico de Bellota hams. Starting with pork from the idyllic 'dehesa' forests near the village of Jabugo, the hams and paletas are cured for over two years. The resulting ham literally melts in your mouth, releasing a symphony of flavors.

Ham masters from Jabugo cut each slice by hand for the most authentic sliced Ibérico de Bellota in the world. Serve these slices on a warm plate with a great bottle of wine - each slice will have a deep maroon color and beautiful marbling that is the signature of Ibérico de Bellota meats.

Paleta Ibérico de Bellota shoulders are marbled with beneficial fats with a rich, complex flavor. Paletas are smaller than a jamón (ham) and more marbled. Many people prefer paletas, because they often have a richer flavor than the larger hams.

Ibérico pigs are a special black breed that has wandered Spain's countryside for millennia. Cinco Jotas only raises 100% purebred Ibérico pigs on the oak-tree studded 'dehesa' forests of western Spain. In small herds, they forage for food and feast on sweet bellotas, or acorns.

This amazing diet, and all that exercise, means that the meat is marbled with beneficial acorn flavored fats. As the ham hangs in the bodega, this fat transforms into a monounsaturated oil, much like extra virgin olive oil. In fact, there is evidence that eating Ibérico de Bellota will actually lower your cholesterol!