Romesco Sauce by Matiz

Romesco Sauce by Matiz

Great for Grilled Meats and Vegetables

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All Natural

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  • Rich, tangy, nutty sauce
  • With ground almonds and hazelnuts
  • Delicious with grilled vegetables, seafood and meats
  • Classic sauce for calçots grilled onions
  • From Barcelona
  • Size - 6.5 oz/185 gr

This tantalizing sauce, a rich blend of tomatoes, garlic, almonds and hazelnuts, will transform grilled vegetables and meats with the pop of a jar. Romesco has long been a favorite in Catalonia, where locals eat it with calçots, the celebrated green onions harvested in early spring. Its bold yet rich flavors are the perfect choice for roasted potatoes or other hearty vegetables, and this version is one of our favorites.

Romesco is a traditional sauce from the Catalonian coast. Matiz sources their romesco from Moli de Pomeri, a family-run company from Barcelona, and they use only premium ingredients with no preservatives. It’s a hearty mix of tomatoes, which give it its bright red color, alongside ground almonds and hazelnuts for richness, plus a touch of garlic.

In late winter and early spring, people travel from around the world to Catalonia to eat calçots. The young onion shoots are roasted over a wood fire until they become tender and slightly caramelized. To eat them, diners peel away the charred exterior and dip the tender center into thick romesco sauce.

The sauce is a great seasoning for all sorts of dishes. It complements roasted potatoes or onions nicely, and adds zest to roast meats and fish.