Premium Powdered Saffron by Syren – 10 Single Dose Packets

Premium Powdered Saffron by Syren – 10 Single Dose Packets

Ten Single Paella Doses - Powdered for Intense Flavoring Power

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  • Superior La Mancha saffron
  • 10 foil packets, each enough for one paella
  • Powdered to dissolve easily and impart more flavor
  • Limited Edition, finest quality
  • 4th generation company, since 1890
  • Size - 100mg x 10

Spain has a love affair with saffron. This precious spice is at the heart of many Spanish dishes, most famously the paellas of Valencia. Powdered saffron releases all of its pungent floral flavors and golden color into each dish so that you can enjoy the full intensity of its qualities. Each packet is measured to be enough for one paella or similar sized recipe, ten doses in all.

Saffron from La Mancha comes from crocus flowers, harvested on cool mornings in October. The pistils are then plucked by hand and toasted to bring out their full flavor and aroma. Then the saffron is milled into a fine powder and sealed in foil pouches to protect its flavor.

La Mancha is famed across the world for producing the finest, most flavorful saffron. Syren is the premium brand of Verdú Cantó, using only the most aromatic, deeply colored saffron strands for their Limited Edition offering. Founder José Verdú Cantó began the company in 1890 and the company is now run by his great grandchildren.