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Organic Roasted Piquillo Peppers by Monjardin


Organic Roasted Piquillo Peppers by Monjardin

Pimientos del Piquillo - Certified Organic

All Natural

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  • All-natural, certified organic
  • Intense flavor with smoky aroma
  • Hand-packed in their own juices
  • Approximately 10 whole peppers
  • Size - 7 oz/200 g

Piquillo peppers have an incredible, intense flavor: brightly sweet, lightly smoky and with a touch of spice, they are unlike any roasted pepper we have ever tried.

Given the name piquillo because they look like a beak or "pico", piquillo peppers are unique to the small village of Lodosa in Navarra. We're pleased to offer an organic version of these intensely flavored little red peppers. Grown without fertilizers or chemical additives, these piquillo peppers are hand-picked and fire-roasted, then packed in their own juices.

There are limitless ways to serve this finest of peppers. Heat them slightly and serve them on their own drizzled with a touch of extra virgin olive oil. Decorate your paella with them. Add them to greens or mix in a potato salad.

Because they retain their shape and texture after cooking, piquillo peppers are excellent filled with shrimp, crab or fish. For an easy and delicious tapas dish, stuff a small piece of Tetilla cheese into the peppers and sauté lightly in olive oil until the cheese melts.

Monjardín is an organic line of vegetables from El Navarrico, an artisan brand that has been a La Tienda favorite for years. Certified organic Monjardín piquillo peppers are grown in Navarra, a region in northern Spain known for its lush produce, without the use of fertilizers or chemical additives and no artificial ingredients or chemicals are used in the washing, roasting or peeling process.

Only the very best of the pepper crop is chosen for use and each year in the early fall, the peppers are hand-picked daily for perfect ripeness and taste. During roasting, the peppers lose up to 60% of their liquid - leaving them with a sweet yet intense flavor unlike any other roasted red peppers. The peppers are hand-peeled and de-seeded and hand-packed in their own juices. No water or brine is used.

Use within 3 days of opening.

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Customer Reviews

Average rating from 8 reviews
  • "I bought 4 different varieties of piquillo peppers as an experiment. Monjardin was first up for testing. I found the peppers have a very thin flesh and are flimsy. It was difficult to stuff the peppers. "

    Dave - Tampa, FL October 2019

  • "There was a burst of flavor in just one bite."

    Exceeded - NYC, NY January 2018

  • "Good."

    Mike - Elgin, IL October 2017

  • "Good in pizza recipes."

    Dulce - Tampa, FL December 2016

  • "Last time I had these peppers I was in Marbella, this product brought back great memories...a small family bar and restaurant called Aqui Mismo."

    Jesus - St Louis, MO September 2015

  • "perfect for whatever need I had. However some peppers were too large and had to cut in half"


  • "Memories and colors of summer in the taste and brightness. "

    CAROL - LINCOLN, NE January 2015

  • "Love these rich-flavoured sweet peppers. Love the way they are packed to retain their (seeded) shape. An item we reorder. Great with scrambled eggs, too."

    James - Caldwell April 2013

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