‘Pata Negra’ Prosthetic Ham Hoof

‘Pata Negra’ Prosthetic Ham Hoof

Bringing the ‘Pata’ back to ‘Pata Negra’

Item: JA-02

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  • Attach to your bone-in Ibérico ham
  • 3D printed plastic, small batch
  • Comes with magnets and screw mount
  • Mimics the iconic black hoof of Ibérico hams
  • Ham may need cutting to hold hoof

This sleek ‘pata negra’ black ham hoof prosthetic will bring dignity back to your Ibérico ham. For some reason the USDA forces Ibérico ham producers to cut the ‘pata negra’ (literally ‘black hoof’) off of bone-in hams when they export to the US. In Spain, the black hoof is a hallmark of quality, and a ham without a hoof is a sad thing. So we decided to create a replacement you can add to your ham!

To create these prosthetic ham hooves, we started with a laser scan of the hoof from an actual Ibérico bone-in ham. Then we worked with a local company to 3D print each hoof using durable food-grade plastic. Finally, we added magnets and a screw so you can mount the hoof on your bone-in jamón. But remember, only Ibérico hams have a black hoof, so if you attach one to your Serrano ham you will be committing ham fraud! We only printed a small batch of hooves, so they are not cheap, but where else can you find one of these!

You will receive one pata hoof with a magnetic insert. Attached will be a magnetic post with screw (#6, 3.4”).

Instructions for use:

Pull the magnetic post apart from the hoof by pulling on the screw (we ship them attached to one another). Screw the magnetic post into the bone of your jamón where the hoof used to be. Affix the pata to the post using the magnet.

NOTE: You may want to use a saw or serrated knife to make a flat surface so the hoof will attach at a straight angle.

Special note: You may want to paint the hoof to make it look even more lifelike or to add your own flair to your jamón. If you do decide to decorate your pata in a festive way, please send us a photo that we can post! We will be doing a pata beauty contest on social media; acrylic model paints will adhere to the pata.