Olla de Hierro – Traditional Stew Pot

Olla de Hierro – Traditional Stew Pot

Cast Iron – For Cocidos and Fabada

Item: PP-46



  • Solid cast iron
  • Traditional Spanish stew pot
  • For hearty fabada and other stews
  • Interior coated with enamel for easy cleaning
  • Size - 7.48 x 7.48 x 6.49 inches - holds 2 quarts

Hearty stews flavored with chorizo and smoky paprika are a delicious tradition, especially in central and northern Spain. The stews simmer in a pot for hours while the flavors of these classic dishes develop into a beautiful balance of flavors. Whether your recipe calls for beans such as fabada, garbanzos or lentils, this rustic iron stew pot is the perfect way to prepare the cocidos and other stews of Spain.

Traditionally a hefty iron ‘olla’ stew pot would sit over a wood fire in Spanish homes, bubbling with delicious flavors. Our supplier uses solid iron to cast these heavy duty pots, recreating the cookware tradition of old. This 2 quart pot can sit right on your stove, with the solid iron retaining heat as it cooks. The interior is coated with enamel so that it is easy to clean. Each pot comes with a fitted lid to keep the moisture and flavor inside where it belongs.

Clean your ‘olla’ stew pot with soapy water before first use. After each use, clean by hand and coat lightly with sunflower oil to prevent rust. The pot will change color over time, taking on a bit of the flavor of each stew you prepare. This solid iron pot will last for generations.

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