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Supreme Hardwood Ham Holder with Swivel Grip - 'Ibérico'

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Supreme Hardwood Ham Holder with Swivel Grip - 'Ibérico'

The Finest in Spain | JH-03

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  • Made from Sapele hardwood
  • Solidly built for perfect, easy slicing
  • Hardware made of stainless steel
  • Perfect for your favorite bone-in jamón
  • Made in Guijuelo, Salamanca by Igoal

'Ibérico' is the world's finest jamonero ham holder. Wherever you travel in Spain you will find this culinary work of art: from humble country inns to the finest restaurants that display Michelin stars. It is the masterpiece of Don Paulino Pantaleon, the celebrated master jamón carver who has presided over jamón events throughout Europe and in locations as distant as Japan. His personal signature appears on each of his creations.

He, his wife Isabel Gomez Alonso, son Marcos and daughter Elisa have been making these extraordinary jamoneros for years. They make the base and arm from Sapele hardwood from the forests of the Ivory Coast and Nigeria. The wood is denser and harder than African mahogany.

They create a base that is more than one and a half inches thick -- solidly anchoring the whole ham for slicing. The ham is secured to the base by a stainless steel cradle clamp lined with hardwood. All of the hardware is made of solid, heavy gauge stainless steel, for a flawless presentation.

Drawing on his experience as the maestro, he has created a sophisticated gyro-clamp that enables him to turn the ham with effortless precision while the hoof remains secure. This exclusive feature is what makes the 'Ibérico' jamonero ham holder the most advanced in the world. The final touch is a silicone cutting board is integrated into the base.

Our favorite touch for the 'Ibérico' Jamonero, is the hand-carved acorn - or bellota - which adorns the gyro-fastener clamp. It is this kind of attention to detail, reflects the overall craftsmanship of the Pantaleon family.

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