Huesos de Santo Cookies by Aromas de Medina

Huesos de Santo Cookies by Aromas de Medina

Traditional Cookie of All Saints' Day

Item: CO-65

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  • Marzipan cookies with sweet candy filling
  • Created by family-owned company
  • Classic old-fashioned confection
  • 12 pieces per box
  • Size - 10.5 oz/300 gr

A traditional Spanish treat for All Saints Day, Huesos de Santo literally means 'bones of the saints' and are filled tube cookies that resemble bones. Don’t let their appearance 'scare' you away from indulging in the sweet, delicious taste.

Almonds, sugar and a dash of olive oil blend to form a flavorful marzipan paste that is rolled into a cylindrical form and infused with a thick mixture of egg yolks and sugar. These distinctive cookies are very apropos for a Halloween, All Saints', or All Souls' party, yet delectable enough you’ll want to serve them throughout the year.

Aromas de Medina is a generations-old family company known for passing down recipes and customs through the years. Housed in the ancient city of Medina Sidonia, this sweets business fits right in among the charming backdrop of old-school candy stores, cobbled streets, historic architecture, stables and castles.

Huesos de Santo Cookies arrive individually wrapped for freshness and packaged in old-fashioned cardboard cookie boxes.