Gordal Olives Stuffed with Sweet Garlic by Losada

Gordal Olives Stuffed with Sweet Garlic by Losada

Hand Stuffed with Sweet Garlic Cloves

Item: OL-73



  • Crunchy sweet white garlic, not strong
  • Large firm queen olives
  • Stuffed by hand in Carmona
  • Beautiful glass jar
  • Serve chilled
  • Size - 6.98 oz/198 gr

This gourmet Gordal olive artfully combines a salty olive taste with a crunchy sweet clove of garlic. Crunch into the firm, meaty olive and savor the mild garlic notes that emerge from within. This skillfully flavored delicacy can hold its own alone as an appetizer or can complement a variety of tapas. You can even toss them whole with pasta and a touch of olive oil for a simple, satisfying meal.

We obtain these elite olives from one of our favorite family-owned companies, Losada, who handcrafts them especially for La Tienda. Artisans carefully stuff small, whole, pickled garlic cloves into each olive, which tells you how big the olives are! In contrast, most producers use garlic paste as a shortcut.

This garlic is a different breed from typical garlic, and is celebrated for its amazingly mild flavor. The cloves are peeled and pickled in wine vinegar before being packed, one-by-one, into large Gordal olives. The pickling preserves the firm, crunchy texture of the garlic, which contrasts beautifully with the meatiness of the olive.

Inspired by the backdrop of the charming town of Carmona in which they are located, Losada enjoys majestic views from this town perched on a ledge overlooking the plains of Andalucía. Carmona is a quaint village with historic architecture, fountains and even a refurbished castle, which stands at the highest elevation of the city.

Olives are jarred in a salt, water and vinegar marinade. Serve chilled.

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