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Fresh Cooked Seafood Paella by Got Paella

$23.95 Rated 4.5 Stars

Fresh Cooked Seafood Paella by Got Paella

Made in Small Batches

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  • Authentic paella, ready in 10 minutes
  • Pre-cooked in small batches and frozen
  • With shrimp, fish, squid, clams and mussels
  • Two portions
  • Made in the U.S. from a Spanish recipe
  • Size - 20 oz/580 gr

Enjoy authentic seafood paella at home in minutes. This paella is freshly made one batch at a time by a Spanish-trained chef using Spanish paella rice, saffron and fresh seafood. Simply heat in a non-stick pan until it forms a crispy socarrat and serve with lemons and alioli. The result is so good you could pass it off as your own – we won’t tell anyone!

Over the years we have tried many frozen paellas, but none came close to the real thing, until now. Got Paella is prepared by a couple who run the L.A. Paella Catering Company and have served major corporate events for years. They spent many months testing and perfecting their recipe so that the short grained paella rice remains firm and the seafood stays fresh and tender. They did all the hard work so that you can enjoy a delicious paella at home.

Your paella will arrive frozen, sealed tight in a plastic bag. Thaw in a bowl of hot water for five or six minutes, then add to a pan with a tablespoon of olive oil. Spread the fish and shellfish evenly and cook on medium for about ten minutes until the rice begins to sizzle and crackle. Keep a close eye on the paella until the bottom browns to a crispy crust, called the socarrat.


Traditional paella: rice, water, onion, tomato, bell pepper, peas, tilapia, squid, shrimp, mussels, clams, saffron, olive oil and broth (cooked from ingredients listed above and water).

No preservatives. Gluten free. Dairy free.

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Customer Reviews

Average rating from 7 reviews Rated 4.5 Stars
  • Rated 5 Stars

    "We never thought a frozen product could taste this good! Paella making Is an obsession in our household since we discovered La Tienda. This frozen delicacy makes up in a pinch during winter or for a luscious lunch with a glass of wine! Paired with a beautiful rosé… sinful "

    Rita - Hudson, MA July 2021

  • Rated 5 Stars

    "Love it Add other varieties "

    Jim - Charlotte , NC July 2021

  • Rated 5 Stars

    "This is excellent!! Tastes fresh after you cook it!! I will be buying this again!! Lived in Spain 3 years as a child (father was in the Navy) and I love all things Spanish!!!"

    linda - statesboro, GA May 2021

  • Rated 4 Stars

    "This was “good,”, but not fabulous, The seafood was fabulous, but It definitely needs more saffron. I could not taste the saffron at all, instead it was mostly a heavy garlic flavor. I bought 2 containers of this, so I doctored the second container by adding 1/4 cup of my own fish stock, diluted some saffron in the stock, & also added a few diced, small, cocktail tomatoes. The result was delicious... I grew up on seafood Paella as my Abuela was from Spain & made it often, plus I make my own - so I am not a novice to the taste of it."

    Joan - Emmaus, PA May 2021

  • Rated 4 Stars

    "OK- who thought instant paella would work? Certainly not me, but I tried it anyway, just in case. Verdict- almost! I am surprised to write that. I tried a few times so here is the result. The packaging is terrible! The plastic fractures into incredible sharp shards with the slightest impact- please change this it is dangerous. In fact, please rethink the whole packaging thing. It is shrink wrapped and frozen (not unusual) but the thawing instructions suck. Because it is shrink wrapped it is subject to puncture (this happened) so, when you put it into a large bowl of hot water it leaks! This is pretty bad and required squeezing out the invading water, which was probably not a good thing. The other negative is the seasoning- I am sure you are catering to the salt-free demographic but without the salt it is tasteless. Also, please discard the clams that don't open as I have to discard them after they thaw, just in case. But the upside is the flavor- wow, how did you do this? So if you can manage to thaw it properly (most likely in the fridge but it might take two days), and use salt, pepper and a squeeze of lemon while cooking, it can be amazing. The trick is to use a cast iron pan and initially cover to promote steaming of the contents to ensure adequate heating. Spread out the contents over the pan and ensure the seafood- shrimp, mussels etc get contact with the pan and press the rice base across tho whole surface. Then after being sure it is fully heated remove the cover and increase the heat. In a few minutes you will hear some crackling and maybe even see some light smoke and smell the caramelization - this is key. then reduce the heat and check with a very thing spatula to see if you have browning. Once you are sure, promptly remove it to a plate - I scoop it out and invert it so the Socarrat is apparent. My personal preference is to liberally squirt siracha sauce to impart some spice at this stage, but this is personal preference. The flavor is great and very consistent with authentic Spanish paella much to my surprize. A glass of wine helps too and another squeeze of lemon on the plate. Amazing."

    Tom - Prairie Village, KS April 2021

  • Rated 5 Stars

    "Easy to prepare."

    Ken - Wood Dale, IL March 2021

  • Rated 5 Stars

    "Delicious and convenient."

    Barbara - Flat Rock , NC March 2021

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