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Chorizo Chistorra - Basque-Style Cooking Sausage by Peregrino


Chorizo Chistorra - Basque-Style Cooking Sausage by Peregrino

Artisan Made in the U.S. from Free-Range Pork

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  • Made with free-range pork
  • Great for grilling or paella
  • Basque-style sausage
  • Traditional recipe
  • Traditionally eaten with eggs
  • Size - 12 oz/340 g

Chistorra is a delicious, smoky cooking sausage originally from the Basque Country. Seasoned with smoked Pimentón de La Vera paprika and fresh garlic, this super thin chorizo has a juicy, meaty flavor and a crisp bite. Traditionally it is cooked and served with eggs, but it is also great on the grill, or cut into bite sized pieces and served like a cocktail sausage.

Our artisan quality chistorra tastes like an old fashioned sausage from Spain. Made from free-range pork and flavored with fresh garlic, smoked paprika, wine vinegar and sea salt, it is packed in a natural casing.

Enjoy the traditional flavor of the Basque Country with this delicious chistorra sausage!

Each package contains approximately 11 chistorra links. U.S. made from a Spanish recipe. Imported chistorra is not available at this time.

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Customer Reviews

Average rating from 27 reviews
  • "These is one of the best Longaniza, good taiste."

    Jose - Deerfield Beach , FL September 2020

  • "Excellent chistorra, it remained me the Spain flavor"

    Alfredo - Kansas , KS July 2020

  • "Added to my paella... delicious!"

    Gretchen - Grand Prairie , TX March 2020

  • "One of the finest cooking chorizos I have had"

    Chris - La Jolla, CA March 2020

  • "I grew up watching my aunt make chorizo, and this isn't it. Chorizo from the Old Country doesn't have all the fancy spices and definitely not milk powder. Just chili pulp, garlic and salt. I don't know where this recipe came from but it's not from the Basque Country."

    Kathe - Las Vegas, NV October 2018

  • "Had this for breakfast and it was wonderful!"

    Holly - Denver, CO January 2018

  • "Perhaps the best chorizo style product available at LaTienda. It's hard to go wrong with an authentic Basque sausage."

    Ross - Eagel River, AK March 2017

  • "just the bite the paella needed !"

    Peggy - Winsted, CT April 2016

  • "Great product; was perfect for the Tapas we created. Thanks"

    EF - Austin, TX January 2016

  • " Very good!"

    gabino - Barre, VT January 2016

  • "Terrific with eggs and potatoes with peppers. Just like I remember as a kid. Delicious!"

    Leona - Wann, NE December 2015

  • "Superb!"

    Mary - Natick, MA December 2015

  • "love them "

    JIM - levittown, PA November 2015

  • "Especially good with padron peppers and sliced shallots."

    Warren - Thornwood, New York October 2015

  • James - ROARING SPRING, PA February 2015

  • Anne - HAMPTON, NH January 2015

  • "Distinctive and delicious. "

    Amy - Bloomington, IN January 2015

  • Elizabeth - Pepperell, MA January 2015

  • Michael - Seattle, WA December 2014

  • "haven't tried it yet but it looks and smells good."

    Halfen - Oak Ridge, TN December 2014

  • Miguel - Kenner, LA December 2014

  • "Just like in Spain"

    Nancy - Lower Waterford, VT December 2014

  • "Made a delicious soup with this chorizo. Cut it into bite sized pieces, fried up with onions, celery, and garlic, a little beef, garbanzos, potatoes, kale, bay leaf in beef stock. Yum! "

    M - Potsdam, NY July 2014

  • Frederick - Wilmington, NC June 2013

  • "very tasty grilled. with a hint of apple or some other crunchy vegetable (what it is?) our kids loved it."

    Miguel - Brookline, MA March 2013

  • Michael - Pleasanton, CA March 2013

  • "the chistorra is good and the portion is good to."

    Eva - Purcellville, Virginia July 2012

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