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Chorizo Chistorra - Basque-Style Cooking Sausage by Peregrino

Chorizo Chistorra - Basque-Style Cooking Sausage by Peregrino

Artisan Made in the U.S. from Free-Range Pork

  • Made with free-range pork
  • Great for grilling or paella
  • Basque-style sausage
  • Traditional recipe
  • Traditionally eaten with eggs
  • Size - 12 oz/340 g

Chistorra is a delicious, smoky cooking sausage originally from the Basque Country. Seasoned with smoked pimentón de La Vera paprika and fresh garlic, this super thin chorizo has a juicy, meaty flavor and a crisp bite. Traditionally it is cooked and served with eggs, but it is also great on the grill, or cut into bite sized pieces and served like a cocktail sausage.

Our artisan quality chistorra tastes like an old fashioned sausage from Spain. Made from free-range pork and flavored with fresh garlic, smoked paprika, wine vinegar and sea salt, it is packed in a natural casing.

Enjoy the traditional flavor of the Basque Country with this delicious chistorra sausage!

Each package contains approximately 11 chistorra links. U.S. made from a Spanish recipe. Imported chistorra is not available at this time.

Customer Reviews

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    "Had this for breakfast and it was wonderful!"

    Holly - Denver, CO - Jan 19, 2018

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    "Perhaps the best chorizo style product available at LaTienda. It's hard to go wrong with an authentic Basque sausage."

    Ross - Eagel River, AK - Mar 26, 2017

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    "just the bite the paella needed !"

    Peggy Ruddy - Winsted, CT - Apr 24, 2016

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    "Great product; was perfect for the Tapas we created. Thanks"

    EF - Austin, TX - Jan 31, 2016

  • avatar

    " Very good!"

    gabino Aja - Barre, VT - Jan 5, 2016

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    "Terrific with eggs and potatoes with peppers. Just like I remember as a kid. Delicious!"

    Leona Marchand - Wann, NE - Dec 26, 2015

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    Mary Cerreto - Natick, MA - Dec 13, 2015

  • avatar

    "love them "

    JIM LUSHER - levittown, PA - Nov 1, 2015

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    "Especially good with padron peppers and sliced shallots."

    Warren Sirota - Thornwood, New York - Oct 12, 2015

  • avatar

    "Distinctive and delicious. "

    Amy - Bloomington, IN - Jan 5, 2015

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    "haven't tried it yet but it looks and smells good."

    Halfen Hoyt - Oak Ridge, TN - Dec 28, 2014

  • avatar

    "Just like in Spain"

    Nancy L - Lower Waterford, VT - Dec 10, 2014

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    "Made a delicious soup with this chorizo. Cut it into bite sized pieces, fried up with onions, celery, and garlic, a little beef, garbanzos, potatoes, kale, bay leaf in beef stock. Yum! "

    M Teresa de la Vega - Potsdam, NY - Jul 13, 2014

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    "very tasty grilled. with a hint of apple or some other crunchy vegetable (what it is?) our kids loved it."

    Miguel Herce - Brookline, MA - Mar 18, 2013

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    "the chistorra is good and the portion is good to."

    Eva - Purcellville, Virginia - Jul 9, 2012

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