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Sale Bonito del Norte Tuna in Olive Oil

Bonito del Norte Tuna in Olive Oil

Line Caught in Cantabria - 3.95oz

All Natural

  • Premium white Bonito tuna by Ortiz
  • Hand-caught in the Cantabrian Sea
  • Not your supermarket variety!
  • Size - 3.95 oz/112 gr

Bonito del Norte is considered by Spaniards the finest of tunas. This thin, white fish has a mild flavor and is lower in fat than other varieties of tuna. Each is line-caught individually and packed in olive oil to keep it moist and flavorful.

Colman Andrews, former Editor-in Chief of Saveur Magazine, writes that Bonito tuna is "one of the great gastronomic pleasures of every day life."

The delicate flavor and texture of Bonito tuna is preserved by the ecological and dolphin-safe line-catching method, as it avoids the stress damage caused by harvesting by net. Enjoy this delicious tuna in salads, sandwiches, or as a stuffing for piquillo peppers.

Warning: once you taste this silky smooth tuna, you may never buy another tin of ordinary tuna!

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Customer Reviews

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    "Good Stuff"

    July 2017

  • avatar

    "wish the tins were bigger!"

    July 2016

  • avatar

    "I decided to try this tuna after reading the reviews and telling the truth, the taste exceeded my expectation. Very tasty, just perfect tuna for snacking."

    January 2016

  • avatar

    "This is so delicious! Supermarket tuna doesn't come close."

    October 2014

  • avatar

    "Once you try this tuna,you will not go back to the "other" kind again. Nice and firm, great in salads or for "pintxos". "

    August 2010

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