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Boneless Jamón Serrano by Redondo Iglesias - FREE SHIPPING!

$369.95$324.95 Rated 4.5 Stars
Sale Image for Boneless Jamón Serrano by Redondo Iglesias - FREE SHIPPING!

Boneless Jamón Serrano by Redondo Iglesias - FREE SHIPPING!

18 Month Aged Serrano Ham - 12-14 lbs

$369.95$324.95jm-02 jm-02 jm-02
  • Aged for 18 months
  • Dry-cured in mountain air
  • Delicious, complex flavor
  • USDA inspected
  • Holder not included
  • Size - 12-14 lbs/5-6 kilo

Authentic Serrano ham is one of the fundamental pleasures of Spanish cuisine. This jamón by Redondo Iglesias is an example of Serrano at its best. Aged for over 18 months, this ham has a delicious complex flavor. Serve paper thin slices at room temperature as a tapa with a glass of wine. Or you can add slices to a bocadillo sandwich or your favorite recipe to experience Serrano ham at its best.

A boneless jamón is easy to enjoy at home, either carved by hand or cut in an electric slicer. Unlike a bone-in ham, which takes more care and maintenance, a boneless ham can be easily stored. You can cut the ham into manageable pieces to share with friends, or store it for weeks in the refrigerator. We recommend vacuum packing the extra pieces if possible.

The ham masters at Redondo Iglesias have been curing fine Serrano hams for generations. The hams are salted and hung to cure, where they lose nearly half of their weight as the moisture and fat drips away in the curing rooms. A complex transformation occurs over time, transforming the pork into a deeply flavorful cured ham.

You can store your boneless jamón unopened in the refrigerator for several weeks. Once it is opened, we recommend you enjoy the ham within 10 to 15 days. We offer a special ham holder specifically made to hold boneless hams if you would like to carve by hand.

If you want to cut the ham with an electric slicer we recommend putting the ham in the freezer for about 20 minutes so it is firm and easy to slice. Always serve the slices at room temperature.

Extra pieces can be vacuum sealed and stored for many weeks in the refrigerator.


Ham, sea salt and preservatives (potassium nitrate and sodium nitrite).

All information listed on our website, including nutrient content information, ingredient lists, and information relating to health claims is for informational purposes only and not provided as medical advice. You should carefully read all information in the actual product packaging and labels, including for food allergen, nutrient content and qualified health claims before using or consuming a product. La Tienda does not assume any liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.

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    Average rating from 8 reviews Rated 4.5 Stars
    • Rated 4 Stars

      "Amazing Jamon"

      Patrizio - Newton, MA December 2020

    • Rated 4 Stars

      "Can’t imagine it not being "

      I - Los Angeles, CA December 2018

    • Rated 5 Stars

      "fast delivery, very well packed, wonderful taste, center of attraction in my party"

      Nemesio - Hialeah, FL January 2017

    • Rated 5 Stars

      "This was given as a Christmas gift to a family member and she was thrilled to receive it. Of course, some of the meat was served later in the day and it was very good. All who ate it loved it."

      Elaine - Celebration, FL December 2016

    • Rated 4 Stars

      "packaging was awesome"

      LINO - Vacaville, CA January 2015

    • Rated 5 Stars

      Louis - Upper Chichester, PA May 2014

    • Rated 5 Stars

      Antonius - November 2010

    • Rated 5 Stars


      Alberto - September 2009

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