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Bone-In Paleta Serrano by Fermín - FREE SHIPPING!

Bone-In Paleta Serrano by Fermín - FREE SHIPPING!

Cured Serrano Shoulder, Approximately 9-11 lbs

All Natural

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  • Bone-in Serrano front shoulder
  • All natural, nitrate free
  • Mountain cured in La Alberca
  • Aged for up to 12 months
  • Holder not included
  • Size - 9-11 lbs/4-5 kg

The curing masters at Fermín age these Serrano shoulders in the cool, dry mountain air near the storybook village of La Alberca. The paleta, or front leg, is smaller than a jamón and cures for a shorter time. It has a rich, nutty flavor and a delicious aroma. Carve delectable slices by hand and serve with aged cheese and a glass of wine.

Jamones Fermín cures locally raised pork in its small bodega in the region of Salamanca. The bone-in front shoulder is more challenging to carve than the larger jamón, but some say it has better marbling and a deeper flavor.

Fermín Serrano strictly follows traditional curing methods. The paletas are salted with no nitrates, then hung in drying rooms with open screened windows, so the mountain air can slowly transform them into delectable cured Serrano. Over the seasons much of the fat melts away, bathing the pork in rich flavor. Each paleta is inspected by hand to ensure it is perfectly cured.

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