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Sale Bone-In Jamón Serrano by Redondo Iglesias - FREE SHIPPING!

Bone-In Jamón Serrano by Redondo Iglesias - FREE SHIPPING!

'Reserva' Ham, 16-18 lbs - Made in Spain

  • Serrano Spanish cured ham
  • Dry-cured in mountain air
  • Holder not included
  • USDA approved
  • See Video tab for slicing instructions
  • Size - 16-18 lbs

This is the real thing - the traditional Jamón Serrano, Spain's country ham that you see in just about every bar and restaurant in Spain. One of our favorite tapas to order during our travels is a plate of freshly sliced jamón, mildly salty and full of ham flavor.

The secret to Serrano's quality is that it is dry-cured in clean mountain air for 18-20 months. Over the seasons, a profound change occurs. Each ham loses 20 to 40 percent of its weight as fat melts away and complex flavors develop.

The best way to enjoy this extraordinary ham is freshly sliced, full of the dynamic flavor accomplished through extended curing. Pre-packaged slices are fine, but do not match the taste of thin slices cut freshly. We usually present a bone-in jamón mounted on a special jamonera holder, an impressive sight. Next to it rests a long sharp knife for easy carving. Throughout the day family members, relatives and friends each slice a few paper-thin pieces for a refreshing snack. The bone-in jamón is a wonderful centerpiece for any gathering of family or friends. It will last for weeks on the countertop, as long as it is sliced and cared for properly. Each ham comes with instructions for care and storage.

Redondo Iglesias was the first brand to gain approval for sale in the United States. It has been a La Tienda favorite for over fifteen years, with consistent good quality and flavor.

Note that while Serrano is the most enjoyed ham in Spain, it is the little brother of the finest ham in Spain, Jamón Ibérico. The difference is in the breed of pork - Serrano is made from normal domesticated pigs and Ibérico is from special black pigs only found in Spain.

Customer Reviews

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    SavSyd - Deland, FL - Jan 20, 2018

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    "I purchased this jamon for holiday entertaining and couldn't wait for the season to start before starting to cut. It has a wonderful flavor and stayed very moist through curing in contrast to other jamon I've tasted. For those thinking it's too much/too big, this ham disappears sliver by delicious sliver, almost a daily snack/treat! Well worth the price."

    Carol - Newport, RI - Nov 7, 2017

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    "Professional Pkg! Delicious Jamon"

    Lino - Vacaville, CA - Nov 13, 2016

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    "Excellent product, just as described, competitive price, free shipping, will buy from this company again, highly recommended it"

    Giampaolo Fallai - Wading River, NY - Nov 15, 2015

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    "Awesome - Perfect!"

    Arthur - Weston, CT - Nov 8, 2015

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    "Wow! is this a hunk of meat; what do you expect for the price? Great flavor. It will be a while before we get through this. "

    Mateo - SteamboatSprings, CO - Nov 1, 2015

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    "This is my 3rd ham, second from La Tienda, and this one was fantastic. Weighed in at close to 20 pounds and wonderfully cured throughout. I have always liked the Iberico and Bellota, but this serrano is by far the best value. The only challenge is finding enough ways to eat the whole thing in a reasonable period of time. I am known as the jamon guy as I bring it to every event. I am popular at tailgates this football season!"

    Dan - Annapolis , MD - Sep 17, 2015

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    "major jamon"

    enrique serrat - cleveland, OH - Mar 30, 2015

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    "The jamon Serrano by Redondo Iglesias is excellent, is not salty and has a very good flavor."

    Africa Ott - Sun City - Oct 26, 2014

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    "Excellent with a very nice flavor"

    Antonio Rodriguez - Valley Springs - Oct 19, 2014

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    "It is very tasty. It came beautifully packaged. Our family will definitely buy more products from La Tienda. Gracias!"


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    "We have ordered this jamón several years in a row. In the past, texture and flavor have been superb. However, our Christmas 2012 jamón seemed to be unevenly cured with large portions of the meat retaining too much moisture to be cut well in the traditional style - with a jamonero knife. It was still a delicious jamón but we were disappointed in the quality of cachos (slices) that could be cut from the moister portions."

    Peter - Edgewater, MD - Dec 18, 2013

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    "I think for the price of around $300 or more (forgot how much I paid) it was tasty once you cut of the top layers. I was surprised how bitter the yellow fat on the outside was but I guess that just the way it is. Anyhow, the fat was cut off anyway and the meat was tasty, chewy but tasty. I remember smoked hams from Croatia and I thought I was getting that...well, prosciutto is different, it is dryer and ha different flavor. Very good for the price."

    Damir - Orlando, Florida - Jan 14, 2013

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    "It's just like what we had in Spain."

    JHand - Jun 21, 2010

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    "I bought this ham in June to share with my family during a month long visit. It was wonderful, and my sister, who was visiting from Spain and always has a ham on her counter in Valencia, said I had done very well, as it was very sweet and high quality.."un jamon bueno" I will be buying another one."

    Pepita Oller - Nov 12, 2009

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