Bocadillo Sandwich Kit

Bocadillo Sandwich Kit

For the Classic Spanish Sandwich - Enough for Two Bocadillos!

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  • Cured ham and cheese sandwich ingredients
  • Cured Serrano ham (4 oz)
  • Young Manchego cheese (12.3 oz)
  • Barra Gallega Galician bread (2 loaves)
  • Enough for two bocadillo sandwiches

One of the very first orders of business when we arrive at Barajas airport in Madrid is to stop by one of the many cafés and order a café con leche and a bocadillo de jamón. Delicious in its simplicity, a bocadillo consists of a loaf of crusty bread cut in half, coated with extra virgin olive oil, then layered with cured ham and cheese. You can make a bocadillo with many other ingredients - a wedge of tortilla española for instance, or roasted peppers, or thin slices of grilled pork. But to us, a bocadillo of jamón and queso is the purest expression of this very Spanish sandwich.

This kit features two large loaves of Barra Gallega from Galicia, crusty and delicious after 10 minutes of baking, 4 ounces of thinly sliced cured Serrano ham and 12.3 ounces of mild, flavorful Manchego cheese from La Mancha.

Assembling a bocadillo could not be easier! Slice open the freshly baked bread, drizzle with extra virgin olive oil, layer thin slices of jamón and cheese and you are done. If you want a bit more complexity, add a few piquillo or guindilla peppers to the mix. Cut the bocadillo in pieces and serve with a cool cup of gazpacho.

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