Alfajor de Medina Almond Cake by Aromas de Medina

Alfajor de Medina Almond Cake by Aromas de Medina

Spiced Almond Cake

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All Natural

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  • Traditional honey and almond spice cake
  • Generations-old recipe
  • Packed with almonds & hazelnuts
  • Firm and flavorful with anise, cinnamon and clove.
  • Nearly a pound & 1 foot long!
  • Size - 14 oz/400 gr

Alfajor de Medina Cake has been a popular treat in this part of Spain for centuries - possibly as far back as the times of Moorish rule. To create this holiday specialty, almonds and hazelnuts are ground, mixed with honey and spices, and rolled in powdered sugar. Slice this deliciously spiced treat into thin rings and savor with your next cup of coffee or tea!

Its producer, Aromas de Medina, is a family company that uses recipes passed down for generations and shares them with the world. They still make these Christmas treats by hand and pack them one by one into your package. They are located in Medina Sidonia, an ancient city located in the province of Cadiz. Founded by the Phonecians thousands of years ago, some say that this is the oldest city in Europe!