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December 31, 2003

Rebecca Jones The Virginian-Pilot

As the saying goes, the world just keeps getting smaller and smaller, and a Williamsburg-based online retailer specializing in gourmet foods from Spain is here to add credence to the adage.

Tienda Inc. provides a selection of more than 500 food products, many of which are not generally available outside of Spain.

The company's newest additions are pork products made by Madrid-based Grupo Campofrio, the largest meat producer in Spain. One of those products is dry Jamon Serrano country ham - the signature product of Spain that's found in virtually every Spanish home. This ham is similar to Italy's prosciutto and Germany's Black Forest hams, but it has a lower salt and fat content.

Other Campofrio offerings are lomo embuchado - marinated pork loin; sarta - a traditional long, narrow chorizo on a string; Spanish chorizo - a traditional dry-cured sausage with smoked paprika and garlic; salchichon - a sweet, mild sausage without paprika; and the Gran Doblon chorizo laden with chunks of loin.

Visit the company's Web site at www.tienda.com to order foods or just for its educational value. All the food products are described in detail. The site also offers Spanish bath products, ceramics, wines and cookbooks.

Tienda is open for retail sales on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. It's located at 3701 Rochambeau Road, Williamsburg. The telephone number is (757) 566-9603.

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