4 Decadent Cheese Plates



December 17, 2012

The Classic

This selection of cheeses has it all: You've got the whole spectrum of textures, milk types, and flavors represented. Blu di Bufala (top left) is a decadent stinky cheese from an ancient recipe. A really top notch, salty hard cheese like Solo di Bruna Parmigiano Reggiano, aged for over 24 months to achieve the perfect nutty, caramelized crunch, is almost better for munching off a cheese plate than it is for grating. Vermont Butter and Cheese Company's Cremont (left), a combination of goat and cow's milk and cream, has a delicate bloomy rind and soft, luscious interior. Miel Asturiana Chestnut Honey is a dark, thick, luxurious accompaniment to any cheese, but don't be surprised to catch your guests enjoying it alone, by the spoonful.

Blu di Bufala, $27.99/lb at Murrayscheese.com
Solo Di Brunda Parmigiano-Reggiano, $22.99/lb at Murrayscheese.com
Vermont Butter & Cheese Co. Cremont, $10.99 each at Murrayscheese.com
Miel Asturiana Chestnut Honey, $22.30 at Tienda.com

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