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November 16, 2005

For food lovers on your list, a world of unique gifts is available online
Jon Bonné, MSNBC

... Lastly on the meat front, it's been a banner year for ham lovers. After years of lobbying, the federal government has given the nod to Ibérico ham, cured from pigs allowed to roam the fields of western Spain, feasting on acorns. That nutty flavor infuses the ham, considered without equal by the Spaniards and even the most discerning pig aficionados. None available this season, but you can plunk down a $199 deposit for orders to be filled in 2007-08. Better love that lucky ham fan: Whole hams will cost upwards of $800, depending on the euro's valuation. Available from, whose owner, Don Harris, helped negotiate the details that allowed for importation...

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