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Easy Tapas Entertaining

Put together a fun, delicious tapas spread in just a few minutes! Every time we visit a tapas bar in Spain we are struck by how simple and flavorful many tapas are. While you can also prepare more elaborate creations, we chose some delicious items that will allow you to prep and serve quickly so you can enjoy the party! We also selected a few great wines that go great with tapas.

Tapas Samplers

Tapas made easy! We’ve taken care of it – samplers of artisan tapas that are simple to serve.

Ready to Serve Tapas

Open and serve tapas ready in moments! Perfect for last minute get-togethers.

Cured Meats Tapas

Ham and cured sausages are a classic tapa in Spain! Serve slices on a platter with good bread.

Warm Tapas

Heat these delicious tapas and serve a warm bite of classic Spanish food - easy and fast!

Cold Tapas

We kept these tasty tapas cool all the way from Spain, and they are fresh and easy to serve.

Sweet Finish

Delectable, sweet and unique, share these bite sized classic treats with friends and family.

The Best of Spain