Sliced Lomo Serrano Dry-Cured Pork Loin by Fermín

Sliced Lomo Serrano Dry-Cured Pork Loin by Fermín

Incredible Cured Sausage - Imported from La Alberca

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All Natural




  • Dry-cured pork loin, USDA approved
  • Lean meat with intense flavor
  • Sliced and ready to serve
  • Size - 2 oz/56.6 gr

Spanish 'lomo embuchado' is the prince of dry cured sausages in Spain. A whole pork loin is seasoned with garlic, sea salt and smoked paprika from La Vera, then cured for 90 days.

The resulting sausage is lean with an intense flavor and is naturally low in fat. In Spain lomo is often preferred even to Jamón Serrano, which is treasured across the country.

The ideal way to serve this fine cured meat is by slicing it very thinly, then seasoning it with a sprinkling of fine olive oil. Here we have sliced the lomo ourselves, so all you have to do is place the slices on a platter and serve with some slices of Manchego cheese and a fine Spanish wine.

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