Sherry Vinegar by Gutierrez Colosia
  • Oak barrel aged
  • Bright, complex, flavorful
  • Family owned bodega
  • 7% acidity
  • Size - 12.68 fl oz/375 ml

Gutierrez Colosia sherry vinegar has a bright, balanced flavor that brings out the best in your salads, gazpacho and other dishes. Extensive oak aging in the traditional 'solera' system adds layers of nuance and flavor not found in other vinegars. This sherry vinegar has a light color and a refreshing acidity with very little sweetness - this is a dry vinegar.

The Gutierrez Colosia bodega is a boutique, family owned winery focused on creating artisan sherry wines. Sherries are aged using the solera process, which moves part of each vintage from oak barrel to oak barrel over years, balancing the flavors of different harvests to create a complex, profound wine. The same aging process is used for sherry vinegar.

The best way to serve this excellent vinegar is paired with a top quality extra virgin olive oil on a fresh salad or grilled vegetables. It is a key ingredient for making great gazpacho, and is great for cooked dishes as well.

Bodegas Gutierrez Colosia used to age sherry and sell it to larger producers, but 25 years ago the family decided to focus on quality, avoiding the cost pressure (and lower quality) imposed by the wholesale market. Every week owner Juan Carlos Gutierrez Colosia tastes from each barrel to ensure that his are among the finest sherry wines and vinegars in Spain.


Sherry wine vinegar. Contains sulfites.

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