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Sardinillas in Olive Oil by Ramón Peña


Sardinillas in Olive Oil by Ramón Peña

Tiny Sardines in Olive Oil

All Natural

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  • Featured in Food & Wine magazine
  • Small tender sardines
  • Grilled and toasted
  • Packed by hand
  • Healthy and full of flavor
  • Size - 4.59 oz/130 gr

You have never tasted a sardine so fresh and mild as these little fish from Galicia. Prepared just hours after harvest, the fish are tender and delicious. Serve them with crisp crackers and a glass of cool beer or Albariño wine.

Ramón Peña selects the finest little sardines fresh every day at auction. Within hours the little fish are cleaned, then grilled and hand-packed one piece at a time into each tin. The result is an exceptionally fresh sardine, with a tender bite and mild flavor.

Sardines are a very healthy food, packed with beneficial amino acids, vitamins and minerals. The freshness of Ramón Peña sardines preserves the healthful qualities of the fish.

Galicia is surrounded by cool, clean Atlantic waters that support a vibrant fishing tradition. In Spain canned seafood is acknowledged as a gourmet product, and small producers like Ramón Peña are meticulous about providing premium quality seafood to its customers.

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