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Roasted Gourmet Marcona Almonds by Peregrino (2.2 Pounds)

Roasted Gourmet Marcona Almonds by Peregrino (2.2 Pounds)

Oven Roasted and Vacuum Sealed

All Natural

  • Sweet and delicate flavor
  • Delightfully crunchy
  • Oven roasted, sprinkled with sea salt
  • A healthy, cholesterol-lowering snack!
  • Size - 2.2 lb/1 kilo

Rare Marcona almonds are smooth and juicy with an incomparably sweet delicate taste -- quite a different flavor than their American cousins.

This version of Marconas is oven roasted, producing a less oily texture. The almonds are then sprinkled with sea salt and vacuum-sealed in plastic for a fresh flavor. The 1 kilo bag is a handy size for entertaining - or for providing a family treat. Either way they will be devoured with delight!

Almonds are one of the healthiest snacks. The nutrient density is so high that a small portion provides substantial nutrients. They also have a high content of cholesterol fighting mono unsaturated oil. A recent study showed that when people eat roughly a handful of almonds a day, they lowered their LDL cholesterol by 3%!

There is a very limited supply of Marcona almonds, since Spain is the only source of this variety in the world. In addition, the trees are early bloomers, which make them vulnerable to late spring frosts. The groves are found along the Mediterranean coasts of Spain -- from the southern coast of Málaga, proceeding east up the coast to Tarragona.

Unlike the familiar American almonds with their light brown porous shells, Spanish Marcona almonds have a protective hard shell that resists insects, so that they may be grown naturally with no need for herbicides.

Customer Reviews

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    "These almonds are delicious and not greasy . Very addictive!"

    Annie - Forest hills , NY - Dec 11, 2016

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    "Always tasty and a good deal for a kilo. I reroast them a bit with a light touch of virgin olive oil and then toss with new fresh sea salt just before serving. Delicious."

    David HB - Chapel Hill, NC - Nov 11, 2016

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    "My husband and little boy love these. With getting these marconas through La Tienda we don't have to worry about bitter almonds (used to by them from a different company...and they had tons of the rancid tasting bitter almonds). I would highly recommend these marcona almonds!!!"

    Krissy Hughes - Bend, OR - Jul 13, 2016

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    "Great Freshness only comparable to be eating Marconas in Madrid's Plaza Mayor with a nice cold beer !!! Gracias La Tienda for bringing such a great product (I can't find them so fresh in Calgary) Un Abrazo de Juan !!!!"

    Juan Julian - Calgary, AB - Mar 13, 2016

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    "good flavor, uneven roast, over half in pieces."

    Martin Kremer - Pound Ridge, NY - Mar 6, 2016

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    "Awesome product :-)"

    John Ulmer - Waynesville, OH - Mar 6, 2016

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    "best almonds in the world"

    Maria T. SALAZAR - KEY BISCAYNE, FL - Feb 7, 2016

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    "Pay the extra for the roasted and salted variety; it's worth it."

    sandy - Springfield, OH - Nov 15, 2015

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    "Delicious! Just like I remembered having in Spain."

    ELIZABETH Savino - MESA, AZ - Oct 27, 2015

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    "es la tercera vez que compro las almendras, en esta opotunidad no llegaron envasadas al vacio, por lo que no estaban cronchy"

    jose velutini - weston, Florida - Sep 27, 2015

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    "These are so good there should be a warning on the label. They're highly addictive! I always keep a few bags in the freezer (they keep almost forever) so I never run out. I buy several bags whenever they're on sale. Even after the bag is opened, store them in the freezer for best freshness."

    Stu Kinzler - Stamford, CT - Sep 26, 2015

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    "Not what I intended to order but tasty all the same."

    CHERYL SLACK - Winnipeg, Manitoba - Jun 8, 2015

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    "introduced these to friends. Sautéed them in olive oil and fresh rosemary, they loved them."

    Richard Mullins - Sagle, ID - May 3, 2015

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    "Simply the best!"

    Sergio Cervetti - Doylestown, PA - Mar 8, 2015

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    "Wonderful and fresh! Try with arugula, lemon , olive oil and parmesan for a great salad. Will make Turron with some of them."

    JUDITH MANTELL - BRENTWOOD, California - Jan 18, 2015

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    "All of my guests raved about these almonds"

    Alison Krohn - Lincoln, NE - Jan 5, 2015

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    "Such a delight to be able to find! Thank you!"

    KATHLEEN STICKANE - Ithaca, NY - Jan 5, 2015

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    "excellent taste -- guests really enjoyed"

    Scott Leinen - OMAHA, NE - Dec 28, 2014

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    "The Marcona almonds are fantastic, we all love them! The delivery was faster than I expected. Thank you."

    Charles E Yankel - Bridgeville, Pennsylvania - Nov 2, 2014

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    "Healthy, perfect late afternoon snack to get you through the day- perfect for a tapa with a sprinkle of pimenton de vera, maybe a bit of fresh rosemary! "

    Kristi Petersen - Denver, CO - Oct 27, 2014

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    "The Marcona almonds I purchased from La Tienda are exceptionally fresh,roasted perfectly with just the right amount of salt to make them my favorite snack!"

    james posey - covington, TN - Oct 26, 2014

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    "Delicious treat"

    Steven D Weiss MD - Coral Springs, FL - Oct 26, 2014

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    "there were many positive comments"

    Fr. Patrick Sullivan - manchester, NH - Oct 20, 2014

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    "An excellent value on these exquisite almonds."

    Richard Hanechak - Forest Hills, NY - Jul 8, 2014

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    "Came in vacuum sealed pouch...very good.can't find them anywhere but in your store! Excellent"

    Judith Jaron - Poway, CA - Apr 6, 2014

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    Pamela - Catharpin, VA - Apr 7, 2013

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    "These are amazing almonds and, yes, very different compared to their American "cousins." As is, further roasted with additional spices, ground and used in baking, and, yes, with sherry, port, or Madeira...perfect!"

    C Sinclair - St. Petersburg, FL - Apr 1, 2013

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    "Love the flavor and crunch of these almonds! "

    jmc - Baltimore, Maryland - Jan 7, 2013

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    "Serve with beer or wine late afternoon before dinner"

    Bill - Warminster, Pennsylvania - Jan 6, 2013

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    "Lovely mild flavor. Very little salt therefore you can add your own delicious seasonings if you wish. Great with Sherry."

    Kimberly Shuler - Germantown Hills, Illinois - Jan 6, 2013

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    "Perfectly balanced recipe--not too oily or salty. Everybody's favorite stocking stuffer. A great value, too."

    Mary - Nov 15, 2011

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    "These almonds are great! They are plump and salted just right (moderately to lightly) and the roasting process leaves them "buttery" in flavor and not oily. I keep reordering them. This may be initially hard to understand but I use them for weight loss: sure, they are nuts but the salty, savory flavor works for me as a light lunch. A dozen pieces substitutes for a meat sandwich or that leftover plate of pasta I hope my wife will get to first!"

    Jim Ellsworth - Aug 3, 2009

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