Rectangular Terra Cotta Cazuela

Rectangular Terra Cotta Cazuela

Capacity: 96 oz/12 cups

Item: CA-08

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  • Classic terra cotta dish
  • Great for casseroles and baked goods
  • Keeps dishes warm
  • Lead free, food safe
  • Size - 12 in x 9 in/31 cm x 22 cm

This rectangular dish is a good size to cook empanadas or other traditional dishes. We find it so versatile we use it for everything - we prepare cornbread in this kind of cazuela and bring it directly from the oven to the table.

The terra cotta keeps the meal nice and warm for quite a long time, even after serving at the table. It is still hot when the family wants seconds. The glaze on the cazuela contains no lead. It is safe for all cooking applications and is 2.5 inches deep.