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Queso Payoyo Cheese from Andalucía - 14 Ounces


Queso Payoyo Cheese from Andalucía - 14 Ounces

Named Spain's Best Cheese! Rich, Sharp

All Natural

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  • From Grazalema, a high-altitude nature preserve
  • Made from 85% goat's milk, 15% sheep's milk
  • Handmade in Villaluenga del Rosario, population 471
  • From local Payoyo goats and Grazalema sheep
  • Named Best Cheese in Spain 2013
  • Size - 14 oz/396 gr

Imagine an ideal blend of tangy goat's milk cheese and rich sheep's milk cheese in one decadent bite. Queso Payoyo marries these two cherished characters of the dairy world to create a cheese so flavorful, balanced and fragrant it is utterly addictive. Though this Spanish cheese resembles the famed Manchego with its crosshatch rind, this butter-colored cheese is softer and creamier.

Payoyo is so delicious it was named Spain's Best Cheese by the Ministry of Agriculture in its category in 2013. Plus it won a bronze medal in 2014 from the World's Best Cheese awards.

Before you indulge, tempt your taste buds by enjoying the cheese’s aroma and find hints of herbs, butter and cheesecake. Then place a thin slice on your tongue where it will melt and release its sweet, perfectly salted flavor followed by a welcome, tangy finish. Add this lesser known cheese to your cheese or tapas platter, enjoy with crusty bread or simply pair bites with a medium-bodied red wine or dry sherry.

Payoyo cheese is crafted out of loyalty to the classic cheeses of the region. Produced from the goats and sheep of local farmers in Grazalema, it is recognized in the catalog of traditional cheeses from Spain and the European Economic Community. The Payoyo goats are a rare and prized breed whose milk has contributed to this cheese’s internationally celebrated and award winning status.

It all started when Andrés Peña and Carlos Rios decided to recover the local cheese-making tradition that had almost been lost to modern ways. They committed themselves to only using milk from the ancient breeds of this area: Payoyo goats and Grazalema Merina sheep. They wander the wild hillsides eating grasses and herbs, lending a delicious complexity to the cheeses. The Payoyo factory is based in the village of Villaluenga del Rosario, population 471, and is a centerpiece to the local economy.

Grazalema is a beautiful, rugged, mountainous area in the province of Cádiz. Surprisingly, for a town in Andalucía, it is the rainiest place in Spain due to the fact that the mountains around it are the first barriers that the clouds from the Atlantic Ocean meet upon hitting land. Much of the region is a nature park since a reserve was established there in 1977.

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Customer Reviews

Average rating from 23 reviews
  • "Very good somewhat strong crumbly cheese."

    Linda - Indianapolis, IN December 2018

  • "I’m not sure if this is supposed to taste like a blue cheese, but it does. I do get a bit of the Gouda, but the cheese was definitely wet when received, and very, very sharp tasting. "

    Heather - Dallas, TX November 2018

  • "Great cheese ! And you had it packaged really well in cold packs !!!"

    Dorothy - Townsend, TN September 2018

  • "The quality of the Payoyo has really gone downhill since first ordering it a few years ago. At this price plus shipping, it is no longer worth it. I will not be ordering again."

    MB - Boston, MA January 2018

  • "OMG! This is the world's best cheese. I love the texture. I froze it in chunks and use it occasionally. One year in freezer and it is still heavenly!"

    Deb - San Jose, CA October 2017

  • "Excellent. Great flavor to my taste. I love it. "

    MERCEDES - OXFORD, Michigan May 2016

  • "Delicious. Will buy again."

    Xiomara - new York, NY April 2016

  • "Amazing cheese produced locally in the mountains of Cadiz form a goat's milk that can only be found there. Great family bussiness that keeps putting quality over massive sales. I love it and recommend it to everybody."

    Rosa - Waco, Texas February 2016

  • "The taste is spot on! Great with chorizo on sliced bread or with olives."

    Silvia - indianapolis, IN February 2016

  • "sabroso. Delightfully tangy. Great with crackers and hot chocolate on a cold evening."

    Lillian - Bronx, NY February 2016

  • "Exquisite."

    Eli - Lewisburg, PA January 2016

  • "Outstanding in sandwiches!"

    Patricia - Lincoln, MA January 2016

  • "Excellent cheese! My guests loved it on the charcuterie tray. I will order again."

    KRIS - Saint Petersburg, FL December 2015

  • "Love it"

    Lydia - Guttenberg, NJ December 2015

  • "This cheese was very good and we are enjoying it."

    Charles - Birmingham, MI March 2015

  • Bernadette - San Jose, CA February 2015

  • Veronica - North Brunswick, NJ February 2015

  • "Excellent mixture of "goaty" flavor and "sheepy" flavor. I do not care for a strong goat cheese flavor. The sheep's milk in this cheese really tames it while letting some "goatiness" come through."

    Arlene - Tenino, WA November 2014


    Wendy - Whitinsville, Massachusetts October 2014

  • "Fabulous cheese, great flavor and depth. One slice is not enough!"

    MLTaylor - Tampa, FL October 2014

  • Paul - Taylorsville, CA July 2014

  • DAVE - Waunakee, WI April 2014

  • "Published 27 December in “Cosas de Come” Cadiz web site: "The Spanish Ministry of Agriculture and Fishing awarded, for the third time, the title Best Cheese in Spain to the Payoyo cheese." I personnaly brought home a full wheel of Payoyo from our trip to El Puerto de Santa Maria, Cadiz last April and two wedges from La Tinda last week. It is worth every euro/dollar."

    Bill - Williamsburg, VA January 2014

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