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La Marjal Paella Rice

La Marjal Paella Rice

Great Value from Valencia

All Natural

  • Each bag makes over 13 cups of cooked rice
  • Produced in Valencia
  • Very absorbent, short grained
  • Size - 2.2 lbs/1 kilo

Valencia is the legendary birthplace of paella, and to this day you will find countless variations on this classic dish. Rice is central to this dish, and not just any rice will do. Paella rice must have a short round grain that doesn't get sticky, but absorbs a lot of flavor.

While not quite as premium as our 'Calasparra' and 'Bomba' rices, which should be considered the finest in Spain, our 'La Marjal' rice is still a very good rice that is also a great value.

Customer Reviews

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    "Great product."

    Olga MacLean - Decatur , IL - Jan 20, 2018

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    "Absorbed broth very well when used in paella. I will buy this again, however, my husband likes Bomba rice better"

    SuzanB - Mercer, WI - Jan 20, 2018

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    "Excellent and enough for a few dishes."

    Byron Browne - Austin, TX - Sep 17, 2017

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    "This is the perfect rice for paella!"

    Cathee - Las Vegas, NV - Jul 23, 2017

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    "Absorbs well. 3 to 1 water to rice ratio not accurate. I made 2 back to back. The second one I used about 200mL more stock, better results. Still not as good as Bomba or Calasparra. The grain is fatter and definitely doesn't absorb the flavors as well. Not as starchy as Calasparra. I wish you guys would sell Dacsa Arroz. "

    AJ Bear - Lewisville, TX - May 10, 2017

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    "Just like the rice from home! Gracias la tienda!"

    Ainhoa - Carbondale, CO - Mar 26, 2017

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    "This rice cooks up perfectly for a perfect paella."

    Mara - Ephrata, PA - Dec 11, 2016

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    "it is Ok good price but Bomba is the Bomba"


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    "I liked Bomba better"

    JOYCE DE LAVEAGA - Austin, TX - Feb 14, 2016

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    "We made a spectacular paella with this rice!"

    Gabrielle Charest - Redmond, WA - Jan 9, 2016

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    "cooked to perfection"

    Lori ROXAS - SOMERSET, NJ - Dec 27, 2015

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    "Good taste but it took longer to cook than others"

    Maria Gema Arredondo - Villanova, PA - Dec 14, 2015

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    "so happy to find good paella rice!"

    ANGELA BAILEY - FORT WAYNE, IN - Sep 25, 2015

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    "This is perfect for all my Spanish recipes that use rice (paella, arroz blanco, etc.) and for a reasonable price. I am so glad you offer this rice! It has become a staple at my house."

    Allyn - Lawrence - Sep 13, 2013

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    "Finally, I got the perfect rice for our beloved paella dinner!"

    Margo - Feb 13, 2012

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    Freeman Embree - Aug 14, 2011

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    "It's really a great rice for paella"

    abelardo gonzalez - May 16, 2011

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    "High quality product!"

    Rob - Sep 7, 2010

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