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Valencian Paella Stock by Aneto


Valencian Paella Stock by Aneto

Cooking Base for Classic Paella

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  • All natural
  • The perfect base for Paella Valenciana
  • With chicken, rabbit, duck
  • Saffron, rosemary and olive oil
  • Shelf stable
  • Size - 33.8 fl oz/1000 ml

Paella Valenciana is the most traditional paella in Spain. Made with small game, beans and snails, it reflects foods found near the rice fields where paella was invented.

Our friends at Aneto capture the essence of paella with their premium stock. Made with chicken, rabbit and duck simmered with special beans and vegetables, it is seasoned with authentic saffron and rosemary.

This all natural, shelf stable broth is the perfect base for making a delicious paella.

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  • "These broth is fantastic! Paella is easy to make at home thanks to this delicious broth!"

    MGM - NYC, NY September 2020

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