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Morcilla with Rice by Peregrino (Black Sausage)


Morcilla with Rice by Peregrino (Black Sausage)

1 Pound - 4 Links (U.S. Made)

All Natural

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  • Rich black sausage with rice
  • Essential for Spanish stews
  • Grill until crisp, or serve with eggs
  • US made following a Spanish recipe
  • Size - 16 oz/453 g - 4 Links

Morcilla black sausage with rice is a Spanish classic. It adds a rich, smoky flavor to stews and soups, but we love it sliced and grilled or fried until crispy and served with peppers and eggs.

The rice version of morcilla is lighter and crisps up well on the grill. Our Peregrino brand morcilla blood sausage is made in the US by a native-born Spaniard. All the seasonings are imported from Spain, including aromatic Pimentón de La Vera smoked paprika.

You can store morcilla in the refrigerator for up to a week, or in the freezer for up to 60 days. Cook to an internal temperature of at least 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Each package contains four 1 inch-thick sausages.

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Customer Reviews

Average rating from 44 reviews

    JACQUELINE - Miami, FL January 2021

  • "Very good morcilla. Different from the Colombian morcilla that I'm used to eating, but did not disappoint. Will buy again."

    Mario - Trinity, FL August 2020

  • "Outstanding sausage with lots of subtle flavor! We found it to be very versatile in a number of dishes as well as tapas."

    Irv - Davisburg, MI May 2020

  • "Wonderful black sausage, excellent for breakfast with fried eggs: flavorful but not too much, great texture. "

    Jorge - Scottsville, VA February 2020

  • "Great"

    Orlando - Beaumont , TX March 2019

  • "Great morcillas, and great cooked on the grill. Will order them again."

    Jose - Crestview, FL December 2018

  • "Allows me to cook the dishes my grandparents cooked!"

    Lita - Cleveland Heights, OH January 2018

  • "This was just like i remembered from my travels in Madrid! Excellent!"

    Lars - Nashville, TN May 2017

  • "The best morcilla always fresh"

    Arturo - El Paso, TX April 2017

  • "You always take a chance when buying morcilla but I must say this has been the best one I have ever tasted."

    M. - Miami, FL April 2017

  • "Great product! I know I can always count on La Tienda for specialty items."

    Alex - New York, NY April 2017

  • "Deliciosas, amazing wonderful buy."

    Rev. - Elizabeth, NJ March 2017



  • "These morcillas don't taste like a morcilla should taste. Huge disappointment!"

    Sonia - New York January 2017

  • "Delicious!!!! Sautéed with onions and peppers and was not disappointed."

    JA - Charleston, SC January 2017

  • "Not the best"

    Lance - Jupiter, FL February 2016

  • "My family enjoyed this morcilla. We eat them in our country ( Puerto Rico)during Chritsmas festivities."

    Carmen - York, PA January 2016

  • "For something made in the USA it wasn't bad"

    Blanca - Smyrna, GA January 2016

  • "Presentation and quality of ingredients were outstanding! The spices used not like back home, but definitely a super service and the nutritional facts label a must have for my lifestyle practices. Will order more often! "

    Milagros - Yelm, WA December 2015

  • "Excellent morcilla. My grandmother used to make this back in the 1950's. Hers, of course, was the best, BUT this comes very close. Delicious."

    John - Los Lunas, NM December 2015

  • "Perfect flavor for those who remember what these tasted like when they lived in Spain."

    EC - Blacksburg, VA December 2014

  • Antonio - West Milford, NJ November 2014

  • "Very delicious. Does not have the smooth texture of morcillas in Puerto Rico but delicious just the same. "

    Mrs. - Brooklyn, NY October 2014

  • "We received these in a gift basket and came back to order more! Wonderful taste; easy to make for fabulous weekday dinner."

    KTM - TALLAHASSEE, FL July 2014

  • "This is no ordinary sausage. It is such a good complement to dinner - somewhere between a meat and a starch. It is best cooked - and even charred a bit - over the grill. "

    peter - memphis, TN April 2014

  • "The morcilla arrived packed in cold paks and ready for eating. It is delicious."

    Ines - Selden, NY June 2013

  • consolacion - stevens, PA April 2013

  • tony - montgomery village April 2013

  • Nieves - South Hadley, MA April 2013

  • "Family did not care for this. It may be because I pan fried it."

    Maria - Lindenhurst, NY January 2013

  • "Best thing ever!!!"

    Cristina - Ashburn, Virginia January 2013

  • "Very good! Everyone loved it."

    James - March 2012

  • "Very similar to the black pudding we used to get in the UK. Outstanding product."

    Neil - January 2012

  • "So delicious in bean soup!!!"

    Erin - January 2012

  • "Deliciosa it reminded me of the ones my mother used to make in Dominican Republic. "

    sergio - August 2011

  • "Convenient size packaging. Freeze and thaw well for long term storage. Delicious"

    Kate - March 2011

  • "Really good Morcilla Sausage, taste like the originals perfect for grilling, tapas and to make Fabada Asturiana! Totally recommended! To be 100% authentic the blood used for the sausage should be pork blood not beef but apart of that it's an authentic morcilla! You should try it!"

    Manel - December 2010

  • Deborah - December 2010

  • "iExcelentes! I've always preferred the rice."

    Robert - July 2010


    michael - June 2010

  • Linda - June 2010

  • "As good as it was in Argentina & Chile! Muy Fantastico!"

    CG - May 2010

  • "The spices are so balanced - just perfect! "

    Hannelore - March 2010


    Tomas - December 2009

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