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Medium Forged Steel Paella Tripod (For 15-18 Inch Paella Pans)


Medium Forged Steel Paella Tripod (For 15-18 Inch Paella Pans)

For Use With 15-18 Inch Paella Pans

$35.95pp-16 pp-16 pp-16
  • Made of heavy forged steel
  • Use to cook paella over wood or charcoal
  • A great serving piece for paella on the table
  • Size - 8 x 16 inches

Paella was created as an outdoor dish to be cooked over open flames. With this heavy steel tripod, you can cook the traditional way over charcoal or hardwood.

It is also a nice way to serve your paella at the dinner table, lending an air of authenticity.

This tripod is perfect for use with any of our 15-18 inch paella pans. The steel tripod stands about 8 inches tall and is approximately 16 inches in diameter. For use with an extra large paella pan (we sell them up to 3 feet across!), you can use three tripods to support the pan.

Our paella tripods are made of solid forged steel, and can pick up some rust. Clean the tripod after each use and lightly coat with sunflower oil to help prevent rust. Scrub with steel wool to remove any rust.

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Customer Reviews

Average rating from 4 reviews
  • "The Paella Tripod is heavy duty and just the right height to cook over an open fire"

    On - Hiltons, VA October 2017

  • "My steel paella stand came quickly and in great condition! Can't wait to make my first paella over wood fire on the beach! "

    Frederico - San Diego , CA July 2017

  • "Excellent craftsmanship. Fits two size pans with ease. Can't wait to use it at our next Paella party. "

    Maureen - Milwuakee, WI November 2015

  • "Used it to cook over open fire and it worked great!"

    MATTHEW - SAINT LOUIS, MO September 2015

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