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Sale Lomo Ibérico de Bellota by Fermín

Lomo Ibérico de Bellota by Fermín

Acorn-fed, Free-range, About 1.3 lbs - APPROX PRICE - Final Price $90.00/lb

  • $90.00/lb - average size 1.3 lbs
  • Made from acorn-fed, free-range Ibérico pigs
  • The ultimate Iberico sausage!
  • Rich smoky flavor and very little fat
  • Size - Approximately 1.3 lbs

NOTE: The size of Lomo can vary considerably, therefore your final price will be based on the exact weight of the lomo. This product weighs about 1.3 lbs and the per pound cost is $90.00. The final price will be about $117.00.

If lomo is one the finest Iberico pork products - some argue it is superior to the jamon itself -- Lomo Ibérico de Bellota is the ultimate Iberico sausage!

This incredible Lomo Iberico de Bellota is made from the meat of free-range Iberico pigs that feast on rich Spanish acorns, or 'bellotas'. They have plenty of exercise roaming about the Dehesa -- mountain oak meadows. In the autumn they gorge on the acorns as well as other natural herbs, grasses and mushrooms. The result: a flavor unparalleled in the world.

Your Lomo Iberico de Bellota is cured with sea salt, garlic and pimentón smoked paprika, which lends it a rich smoky flavor with very little fat. Since it has such a rich and wonderful flavor, most people slice the lomo thinly and serve it on a plate just as it is -- perhaps with some Manchego cheese or membrillo. Others drizzle the slices with olive oil.

The producer, 'Jamones Fermin', produces this chorizo using 100% Spanish Iberico meat and all of their products are cured in Spain. They are the first producer of Iberico products to be approved for export to the United States.

This family company is based in the medieval town of La Alberca high in the mountains near Salamanca. The cool dry air, and short summer season are ideal for the traditional curing of hams and sausages.

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Customer Reviews

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    "It is a great buy. It fulfills the expectations."

    Luis Rodriguez Navarro - ATLANTA, GA - Nov 15, 2015

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    "I'm enjoying this as I type. Yes this is Spain beautiful flavors and extremely meltingly soft texture.Slice it thin let come to room temp and it will explode on your tounge!!"

    Richard - Dec 2, 2010

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    "diametro demasiado pequeno para el precio que tiene"

    dorinda - Oct 1, 2009

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