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Large Paella Grill System with Burner


Large Paella Grill System with Burner

For Paella Pans Up to 22 Inches

$369.95pb-09a pb-09a pb-09a
  • Use with wood, charcoal or propane
  • Includes a 2 ring propane burner
  • Comes with removable grill
  • Hose & regulator included
  • Size - 28.75 inches tall, 23 inches wide

It's easy to prepare the perfect paella with our exclusive new paella grill system. Paella originated as an outdoor dish cooked over open flames, and that remains the most enjoyable way to prepare this famous dish. This paella system offers three ways to cook over open fire.

Method One - Prepare your paella over a propane burner to give you full control of heat levels and an easy, clean set-up. This system includes a 2 ring propane burner for use with paella pans up to 22" in diameter. The outer ring is 20" and the inner one is 12". Hose and regulator designed specifically for the U.S. are included - all you'll need is a full propane tank!

Method Two - Cook directly over a wood fire fueled by 'leña' or hardwood. This is the most traditional method, and it imparts a smoky flavor to your paella.

Method Three - Cook over charcoal, which also adds that great grilled flavor. The system even comes with a removable grill for preparing chorizo, morcilla and other grilled favorites! Note: avoid adding too much charcoal, which can overheat the grill and damage the paint. Use no more than 6 quarts of charcoal, about 100 briquets, and keep them towards the center of the grill.

The sturdy metal frame of this paella grill system has 6" tall edges to block the wind. It can be assembled easily in minutes with no tools or additional hardware. The full height of the grill system is 28 3/4" and the diameter is 23".

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Customer Reviews

Average rating from 13 reviews
  • "Easy to assemble and store..multi fuel. I can use multiple pan sizes due the burner flexibility or go charcoal"

    Travellar - Corpus Christi, TX January 2018

  • "I have only used it to season my new 24" pan. Never really got the water to a full boil. On gas control knob slightly bent but things seem to work ok. The first paella will be the telling tale."

    John - Spokane Valley, WA August 2017

  • "So happy with the quality of this product. I see many years of paella parties in my future!!"

    Christina - Warren, RI May 2016

  • "Absolutely love the product and how it works. However, I can't give it 5 stars because of one reason. The way the grill grate is configured. If you place the grill grate inside as you are supposed to (with the stand part under the handle facing down so that it supports itself) then the middle bar is actually on top instead of on the bottom of the grill grate, meaning you cannot sit the pan on there and have it remain level."

    Derrick - Albuquerque, NM April 2016

  • "well made, functions well"

    robert - HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SC September 2015

  • "I bought this for My husband three years ago as a Father's Day present. We used to live in the North, and only used the paella grill during the too-short summer months. Now it is part of a year-round weekly ritual. I plan to buy a small grill for our camping equipment to use as we gunk-hole around the Canadian Maritimes and Down East. Best BBQ purchase I've EVER made. "

    Valerie - St. Petersburg, FL August 2015

  • "Just arrived - can't wait to use it. It's exactly what I have wanted for a long time. And it's so versatile! And your service was great"

    Elizabeh - Cape Elizabeth, ME July 2015

  • "Received in great condition. Very happy with the product. Will write another review when we have used it to make a paella."

    Vilma - Navarre, FL June 2015

  • "A dream come true!!! The opportunities of starting a paella with gas and finishing it with the coals or wood aroma!!! This is a must to have for everyuone that cooks paella at least!"

    Jose - San Juan, FL October 2014

  • "I have been making Paella on my grill for years, but wanted to make paella's larger than 17 inches. So I got this. It does not dissapoint. There are some differences in cooking the Paella 'open' rather than on a grill with a lid, but overall I like this better. The gas burners do a great job and I'm looking forward to trying wood/charcoal (both for Paella and general grilling). The only reason this does not get 5 stars is that, as another review mentioned, the unit is shipped with the leg screws installed which can cause the leg slots to deform. Which makes the unit unable to be assembled. If I didn't have guests on the way, I would have exchanged it for a non-damaged one. However, with a good set of tools, a little experience working with metal, and some patience it isn't hard to bring it back into usable (but not perfect) condition. Although, for such an expensive luxury item, it is dissapointing to recieve a damaged unit right out of the box and have your first experience with the product be fixing it. If you're not handy, you'll want to take this into account when planning the timing of your first Paella party. NOTE FROM LA TIENDA: Based on your suggestion, we have requested that the screws NOT be inserted prior to shipping. Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention! UPDATE: After cooking some more with this burner, I can only say that it gets better the more you get experience with it. While I purchased the large burner with a 22in pan, I have also had success using my smaller 17inch pan with just the inside ring put into use. My family has definitely noticed the difference in my Paella, and I would call this burner a game changer for those who really like to make Paella. Also, upon reading my inital review, La Tienda contacted me directly and PROACTIVELY made everything right. I was very pleasantly surprised by this, definitely best-in-class customer service the likes of which you do not see anymore. So now, if I could give it 10 stars I would; 5 for the burner and 5 for having La Tienda stand behind it."

    Chris - Park Ridge, New Jersey September 2012

  • Nancy - Rincon, Georgia August 2012

  • "Worked beautifully! Live in a windy city so nice to have the guard... So much fun to use."

    Pam - July 2011

  • "The grill system is very efficient and practical. The air barrier is really convenient and a great help when maintaining a steady flame, it is also versatile (grill/paellera stand). It should be shipped without the screws inserted because they may bend in the process like mine did. "

    Hector - March 2011

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