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Mammoth Judion Beans

Mammoth Judion Beans

Giant White Beans from El Maragato

All Natural

  • An essential ingredient for many Spanish recipes
  • Mammoth and buttery
  • A bean lover's dream come true!
  • Size - 2.2 lb/1 kilo

Judion beans are the essential secret to an authentic Spanish cocido or stew. They will take your creation to a new level!

La Tienda is the exclusive source of this gourmet bean in America. You cannot find a suitable substitute in the local supermarket -- or even a gourmet store.

These magnificent buttery Judión beans, grown in León, are absolutely huge and meaty! Perhaps mammoth is the right word. After you have soaked them, each bean may measure up to 2 inches across! A bean lover’s dream come true!

To prepare traditional Judias con Chorizo, your broth will include saffron, pimentón smoked paprika, some jamón serrano, chorizo, and olive oil. The centerpiece will be these magnificent judiones, like none you have ever tasted before.

They are selected by El Maragato, the premiere source of gourmet quality beans in Spain.

Customer Reviews

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    "Extraordinary , there nothing like this on the market. If you love Spanish food don’t miss this “judiones”."

    A.M. - Lake Charles, LA - Apr 2, 2018

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    "Given a sample of the Judion beans by a friend. What a treat these giant morsels provide. I live at 7000+ elevation so cooking time is lengthened but worth the wait. Great service. These beans will become a staple."

    New Mexico Bean Lover - Santa Fe, NM - Jan 19, 2018

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    "excellent product and shipping"

    m.o. - vancouver, WA - Aug 21, 2017

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    "This product was difficult to find in Spain except in very overpriced tourist areas. Your price was fair, and the product lovely. We will cherish these beans."

    Toni - Davenport, FL - Aug 7, 2017

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    "These beans are amazing. I recently made a very simple dish (browned red onion and garlic with the beans), and my wife was convinced I had added bacon to it (which I had not). The flavor profile is amazing, and the beans are very fulfilling."

    Lex - Dallas, TX, TX - May 7, 2017

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    " We eat a lot of beans in NOLA. I've prepared these beans "New Orleans-Style" every time I've cooked them. I've been told by many friends that the beans are the best they have ever eaten. "

    R.Alonzo - New Orleans, LA - Mar 14, 2017

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    "I substitute them for the smaller white beans in Turkish White Bean salad. Their extra large size always draws positive comments as well as their superior flavor and texture."

    NJ_Mike - Randolph, NJ - Mar 19, 2016

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    Jose Lugo - Fort Myers , FL - Apr 13, 2014

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    "Exactly what I was looking for."


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    "muy buenos"


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    "What a difference to have judias from Spain! So much bigger and unlike those in the States, they can maintain their consistency when making sopa in the pressure cooker. Wonderful!"

    Shopper - Winter Garden, FL - Jan 28, 2013

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    "When prepared properly, there are few treats on the planet that can compare with these tasty beans. We soak the beans for up to a day, cook them and then bake them with olive oil, garlic rosemarie, chicken thighs or greasts and Jamon ( Or, Prosciuto ).Just a delicious dinner. "

    Harold - Dec 31, 2011

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    "These beans are outrageuosly delicious but you have to know how to cook them. Never stir them with a spoon instead you have to ccok them on low heat and move tha pan (twisting movement). These ARE NOT LIMA BEANS and I dont know of any other place in the world where they have these beans."

    Grisel - Feb 26, 2010

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    "These beans are outstanding...plump, nutty, nice texture. A little like over-sized Southern Butter Beans. Hold their own flavor/texture cooked in an aromatic, boldly flavored dish. "

    Randi Tokar - Feb 7, 2009

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    "Very good, but rather expensive when a white lima can be used nearly as well. "

    Patrick Querry - Aug 19, 2008

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