Gordal Olives Stuffed with Seville Orange by Losada

Gordal Olives Stuffed with Seville Orange by Losada

Queen Olives Stuffed with Orange Peel

Item: OL-76



  • Bright citrus aroma and flavor
  • Large, firm queen olives
  • Hand stuffed with fresh orange peel
  • Exclusive to La Tienda
  • Perfect for cocktails and appetizers
  • Size - 6.98 oz/198 gr

Vibrant orange peels peek out from each of these large, firm olives - beckoning you to bite into them and discover their bright flavor. As you twist the lid, inhale the salty brine and discover hints of citrus. The aroma teases your nose even before you crunch into this gourmet indulgence, exploring the intermingling flavors, which have gotten more intense with time.

Take these olives beyond the traditional martini and replace the usual citrus twist garnish in gin and vodka cocktails. Serve them in decorative dishes at parties instead of traditional, plain olives or alongside cheeses.

Large pieces of Seville orange rind are cut and carefully hand stuffed into each olive by artisans at Losada. This family-owned company makes these little taste treats exclusively for La Tienda in the charming town of Carmona, where their olive operation is located. We fell in love with this town upon first site with its ancient architecture and refurbished castle peering down from the highest point in the city.

These stuffed olives are packed in a salt, vinegar and water mixture. Serve them chilled for optimal flavor.

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