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'First Day of Harvest' Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil

'First Day of Harvest' Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Incredibly Fresh & Peppery Picual Oil

All Natural

  • Super early harvest - limited quantities
  • Brilliant fresh green color
  • Piquant and aromatic, 0.13% acidity
  • Distinctive red bottle preserves freshness
  • Label designed by singer Raphael
  • Size - 16.8 oz/500 ml

This exceptional Picual oil is a brilliant golden green color with a fragrance of herbs and artichokes. The first taste has hints of citrus with a bold peppery finish. For the afficionado, this is the finest quality extra virgin olive oil in all of Spain - and perhaps the world!

First Day of Harvest means just that - the Vaño family chooses the peak time for harvesting, just before they are fully ripe. On the very first day, they press the olives, yielding a super fresh olive oil packed with chlorophyll and antioxidants - healthy and incredibly flavorful!

If the olive pickers waited just a few days later, they would have harvested riper olives which would have produced double the amount of olive oil. But the oil would not have been as pristine and flavorful. That is what makes this limited edition oil so special.

Each year’s release is commemorated with a newly designed bottle label, created by a person from Spain who has excelled in their field. This year, Castillo de Canena chose the singer Raphael, a pioneer of Spanish-language music around the globe. Raphael's illustration for the label represents the feeling of being acclaimed by his beloved fans during a concert. "I wanted to participate in this project because the First Day of Harvest collection is made with the same energy, passion and excitement I feel every time I step onto the stage. The inner strength that arises from work well done is what allows us to give ourselves over completely to our audience," says Raphael, who is a great advocate of art and Spanish gastronomy.

In addition to the labels designed by Raphael, this year's bottles of First Day of Harvest also have a touch of glitter to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the collection.

Castillo De Canena olive oils are cold pressed by the renowned Vañó family in Andalusia. For centuries, the Vañó family has grown olive trees and pressed them to make olive oil near their 16th century castle in the foothills of the Sierra Mágina. The company takes its name from the castle itself.

Castillo de Canena carefully supervises their olive groves and hand selects olives at the peak time for producing olive oil with the perfect balance of aroma and flavor.

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Customer Reviews

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  • avatar

    "love this olive oil. The spicy peppery finish add great flavor to anything."

    Kathy - Holland, PA - Jun 5, 2016

  • avatar

    "I loved it! "

    patricia Rivadeneira - Lancaster, CA - Mar 20, 2016

  • avatar

    "Wow! This is the best olive oil I have ever tasted. Thank you!"

    Wendy - Whitinsville, MA - Mar 20, 2015

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