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Duo of 'First Day of Harvest' Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Duo of 'First Day of Harvest' Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Fruity Arbequina and Flavorful Picual

All Natural

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  • Super-select, limited quantities
  • Low yield early harvest cold pressing
  • Very low acidity, under 0.2%
  • Signature red bottles preserves freshness
  • Label designed by renowned author Juan Eslava Galán
  • Size - 2 x 16.8 oz/500 ml

This spectacular pair of extra virgin oils comes exclusively from olives cold pressed on the very first day of the harvest. Brilliant green and bursting with bright fresh olive flavor, both of these delicious oils are among the best we have ever tried.

Fruity arbequina oil has complex aromas and flavors of green apple and fresh herbs and finishes with a gentle hint of spice, great for dipping with bread. Bold, full flavored picual is a golden green color with fragrances of artichokes, basil and rosemary and a peppery finish, perfect for dressing salads.

You've probably never tasted this kind of olive oil as it is produced in very small quantities, usually for personal use. It is very costly to make, for if the grower waits just a few days longer until the olive is fully mature and plump, they will get a much higher volume of juice from the same olive.

Knowing that the barely ripe olive yields the best of the vintage, the Vañó family of La Castilla de Canena is not willing to take that short cut for volume. They set aside a portion of the harvest, hand pick the olives as early as is possible and bottle the brilliant green juice.

The distinctive red bottles block out all light that might compromise the flavor. For the discerning food lover, this is a once a year chance to enjoy the best of the best. It is an exclusive and limited edition released by the Vañó family.

Each year’s release is commemorated with a newly designed bottle label, created by a person from Spain who has excelled in their field and appreciated fine olive oil. This year, Castillo de Canena chose renowned author Juan Eslava Galán. Galán's new label design features two embossed Roman coins from Imperial Hispania: the bust of the Emperor Hadrian on the Picual First Day of Harvest bottle, and the goddess Athena’s owl with an olive branch on the Arbequina First Day of Harvest bottle.

Juan Eslava Galán is the son and grandson of olive-growers; he was born at the olive mill in Ariona (Jaén) and spent his early years there as well. Among his prolific writings, which include eighty books on various topics, are three books on the world of olives and oil, particularly Un jardín entre olivos (RBA, 2004).

He is the winner of the Planet Award in 1987 for his work En busca del unicornio (In Search of the Unicorn), and Eslava Galán has also received other notable prizes such as the one awarded by the Athenaeum of Seville (1991), the Fernando Lara Prize (1998), and the Andalusian Critics’ Award (1998). He holds the Andalusian Silver Medal of Honor and sits on the Board of the Institute of Studies of Jaén.

Castillo De Canena olive oils are produced by the renowned Vañó family in Andalusia. For centuries, the Vañó family has lived in their 16th century castle in the foothills of the Sierra Mágina, surrounded by rolling fields covered with olive trees. The company takes its name from the castle itself.

The owners carefully supervise their olive groves and hand select olives at the peak time for producing olive oil with the perfect balance of aroma and flavor.

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Customer Reviews

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  • avatar

    "Pleasantly surprised"

    A.S. - Centerbrook, CT April 2019

  • avatar

    "We are always in search of some good olive oil and these two were fantastic!!"

    Michael - ALBUQUERQUE, NM March 2016

  • avatar

    "This is the second time I've bought this product. obviously, I love it! "

    Martha - Dallas, TX August 2015

  • avatar

    "Excellent olive oil, very delicious."

    MILDRED - Stamford, New York May 2015

  • avatar

    "A pair of the finest tasting olive oils in existence. The aroma is reminiscent of freshly cut grass on a cool summer morning, and the taste is exquisite. These showcase oils, enhance every recipe."

    Christopher - Castle Rock, CO November 2014

  • avatar

    "Really enjoying this. Worked on and off for four years and just the scent reminded me of being there."

    EUGENE - ENCINO, CA February 2013

  • avatar

    "Both Picual and Arbequina are amazing, aromatic, dense, unforgettable. It is very different and much more intense than the typical extra virgen. Educated palates will enjoy them the most."

    Mamen - February 2011

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