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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bath Set


Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bath Set

Handmade Healing Soap from First Cold Pressed Oil

All Natural

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  • 100% Arbequina extra virgin olive oil soap
  • Two rustic bars and liquid pump bottle
  • Handmade by artisans in Catalonia
  • Healing, non-allergenic recipe
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Size - Two 9.5 oz bars & one 10.14 oz bottle

From the workshop of our friends at Can Solivera come these exquisite soaps. The owners craft each batch from their own estate cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. The result is a healing, moisturizing soap unlike any other.
The soap's clean, refreshing scent comes from essential oils steam-distilled from rosemary leaves, lavender petals and pine needles. They also add a dash of lemon juice.

Each bar of Can Solivera extra virgin olive oil soap is cut and wrapped by hand at the estate. After years of research, the owners created a liquid version of their famous olive oil soap as well, which comes in a convenient pump bottle. This set consists of a box of two rustic bars plus a bottle of the liquid soap.

Once you wash away the lather, you will notice a mild sheen of nurturing olive oil will remain on your skin. Unlike modern detergents, Can Solivera soap doesn't strip away moisture, but adds healing oils to make your skin healthy and supple.
Compare Can Solivera's ingredients with any other olive oil soap in the market. You will see that the others probably contain only refined olive oil, not extra virgin olive oil, and a small amount at that. Can Solivera only uses 100% extra virgin olive oil, cold pressed from their own olives and never heated, so it retains all of its healing vitamins and beneficial oils.
This soap is blended at the estate in Catalonia. It is 100% pure - no artificial ingredients are added. These artisans use the cold process of soap making, which preserves vitamins and anti-oxidants. Naturally non-allergenic, Can Solivera olive oil soap has unique anti-inflammatory qualities which make it especially soothing and healing to sensitive skin.
Only extra virgin olive oil contains squalene - a natural sterol, which scientists credit with anti-inflammatory properties. Olive trees create more squalene than any other tree or plant in the world. Olive oil made for industrial use contains no squalene, because it has been removed during distillation.

Today a typical bar of soap contains some 20 different chemical ingredients - including artificial dyes and synthetic (often overly pungent) perfumes. Treat your skin with care, use this exceptional soap.

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Customer Reviews

Average rating from 5 reviews
  • "Bought as a gift for my Francophile sister. It was a perfect affirmation that Spain is unique, luxurious, and rich in culture and history."

    Carrie - Huntington, WV October 2017

  • "it is the best. makes your skin feel so good"

    JoAnne - Plano, TX December 2016

  • "This is the second year in a row I have ordered this product as one of my wife's Christmas presents. She used every bit of both products and was very pleased with them."

    Mart - ORONO, ME November 2016

  • "Best Mother's Day gift I've given my better half thus far. She's exceedingly pleased by it."


  • "a beautiful and most healthy bath product!"

    noel - scarsdale, NY March 2015

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