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Chufa Nuts (for Spanish Horchata)

Chufa Nuts (for Spanish Horchata)

Makes 4 Quarts of Homemade Horchata, D.O. Valencia

All Natural

  • From Alboraia, source of the finest
  • D.O. Valencia
  • Used to make horchata de chufa
  • A refreshing and delightful drink
  • Size - 2.2 pounds/1 kilo

(Recipe Below)

Sweet and refreshing, Horchata de Chufa is one of Spain's most famous drinks, made of ground chufa nuts (actually the roots of the chufa plant) grown in the Valle de Nito in Spain. Our chufa nuts are D.O. (Denomination of Origin) Valencian chufas, the finest you can buy, and ideal for making horchata.

Egyptians used chufa nuts in ancient times, and some documents indicate that chufa was also consumed by people in Asia. But, as with many other products, it was the Moors who first began cultivating chufa grass in Spain and originated the refreshing drink Horchata de Chufa from its tuberous roots.

La horchata de chufa is a Mediterranean product (completely different from Mexican horchata, which is made from rice). It is a favorite beverage in all of Spain, but particularly in Valencia, Murcia and Andalucía.

Ours are real chufas from Valencia, the finest you can find anywhere. This package of Chufa nuts is enough to make about 4 Quarts/Liters of Horchata.

1/2 pound (250 grams – 8.9 oz) chufa nuts
1 quart (liter) of water
1 cinnamon stick (optional)
1 tsp grated lemon peel (optional)
About 1 cup of sugar (try less the first time - you can always add more!)

- Soak the chufa nuts in water for 24 hours.
- In a blender, grind the nuts, water, cinnamon, sugar and lemon until you have an even, smooth mixture.
- Let it settle for a half an hour.
- Press the paste through a strainer to obtain fresh horchata.
- Refrigerate for at least an hour.
- Finish in the freezer for 20 minutes until slightly slushy.

Makes 1 quart / liter

Customer Reviews

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    "Pls...what can one use to preserve tiger nut milk for six month or one year, cause we have it much in Nigeria, thanks"

    Chetam Judeharry - Port Harcourt Nigeria, NY - Oct 6, 2017

  • avatar

    "We enjoy this authentic Spanish Horchata. We like to use 1/2 cup of sugar."

    Roger Hayes - Santa Rosa, CA - Apr 24, 2017

  • avatar

    "Have not tried to make my own horchata de chufa, but I am sure it's wonderful and I am looking forward to an ice cold drink"


  • avatar

    "Delicious. Just like being back in Spain."

    michelle lemmon - edgewater, CO - Feb 1, 2015

  • avatar

    "Love these! I eat them right out of the bag as a healthy snack. They are chewy and sweet- yum!"

    Kristina Dietz - MINNEAPOLIS, MN - Jun 15, 2014

  • avatar

    "These are so tasty! I actually just eat them right out of the bag as a healthy snack! They are a bit chewy, but also just slightly sweet. Yum! I have plans to try making milk soon!"

    Kristi - Minneapolis, MN - Jun 8, 2014

  • avatar

    "Arrived in excellent condition with no odor or indication of mold. Made a thick, rich milk. "

    MELANIE PITTMAN - Seattle, WA - Feb 18, 2013

  • avatar

    "Excellent product. I use to live in Valencia, so fresh horchata is a must. The nuts sent are high quality and for a reasonable price, given that the tiger (chufa) nut is not easily found outside of Spain. Horchata goes great in mix drinks (such as with rum), blended with ice cream (granizada) and many others. If you're interested in the history of the drink, my personal recipe and places to try the famous drink in Valencia, check out my guest blog: http://nothemingwaysspain.blogspot.com.es/2012/06/guest-post-horchata-de-chufa-aka-orxata.html "

    Neima - Houston, Texas - Aug 29, 2012

  • avatar

    "I'm in heaven now that I've found chufa nuts. Thank you, La Tienda!! These make horchata EXACTLY as I remember it from my year of study in Valencia. So easy, so good, so authentic. Excellent service from La Tienda, too!! I couldn't be happier. "

    Wendy - May 25, 2011

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    "we are almost at the end of our chufa nuts bag... we'll have to re order ! so good, we love it! thank you !"

    nathalie - Feb 6, 2011

  • avatar

    "Excellent chufa nuts - that went very well with the recipe you provided. I have 2 large pitchers of freshly made horchata. Enjoyed it with Thanksgiving dinner. It's not so much the fact that I had freshly made horchata at home : it was that I made it myself - from scratch ! Thank you La Tienda ! More power and success to you !"

    Evangeline Leow - Nov 26, 2010

  • avatar

    "I was pleased with the tiger nuts I received and have already placed another order for 10 more kilos. I just can't wait to get them. Thank you and God Bless."

    Richard Pollard - Jul 5, 2010

  • avatar

    "Very good product! The trick is to follow the recipe! Don't soak it longer than it says, and to maintain the freshness,keep it in empty screw top water bottles, somewhat underfilled, in the freezer. I left my mother with several bottles in her freezer and she said it was wonderful to thaw partially and then shake to get the "granizado" texture. She "found" one several months later and said it was every bit as good.She is in her 80's and a native valenciana."

    Pepita - Apr 15, 2010

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    "Fantastic product. Excellent quality chufa nuts. I used them to make orxata and it turned out wonderful."

    Daniel - Sep 2, 2009

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