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Chorizo Sampler in Gift Bag


Chorizo Sampler in Gift Bag

4 Great Spanish Sausages - Slice and Serve!

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  • 4 tasty dry-cured chorizo sausages
  • Ready to slice and serve
  • Packed in a rustic cloth sack
  • Cured with smoky paprika

Share this collection of four delicious chorizos, the famous sausages of Spain. Cured with smoky paprika, they are ready to serve. Just slice and serve with crusty bread, a good cheese and a glass of wine for an instant tapa.

This sampler includes three all natural dry-cured chorizos from Palacios, based in Logroño, the capitol of the La Rioja region of Spain - famous for its red wines. The three are the regular mild flavored chorizo (7.9 oz); the "picante" spicy chorizo (7.9 oz), which is hot, but not flaming hot; and 'Oreados' Mini chorizos (6.5 oz), which can be sliced or used in cooking.

The final sausage is the Cantimpalo chorizo by Quijote, a big two inch thick sausage perfect for slicing thinly. Make a classic bocadillo sandwich with a loaf of fresh bread, or wrap slices around grilled shrimp for a delicious treat. This sausage is made in the U.S. by a Spanish family using a classic recipe.

These sausages come in an attractive cloth bag, an excellent gift. Share these tasty chorizos with friends and family!

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Customer Reviews

Average rating from 29 reviews
  • "Excellent Quality!"

    jorge - hendersonville, NC June 2020

  • "One of these, I can't remember which one said it had a collagen casing but we couldn't chew it up. We pulled the casing off and it was a thing piece of plastic just like another one we got. As far a flavored and taste we were all over the board. Some were great and others not so much. It was a great way to try different ones, so for that reason I would recommend it. Just be sure to peel the plastic off! "

    Marsha - Bakersville, NC May 2019

  • "Delicious!"

    Shirley - Minden, NV January 2019

  • "too much garlic"

    Costas - NYC, NY January 2019

  • "Tasty variety of sausages at a good price."

    Thomas - Delavan, WI December 2018

  • "First time sampling chorizo. Found selection to be of very good quality. Well packaged. Each item was tasted and found to be very flavorful, aromatic, and with very good texture. I enjoyed tasting these items."

    MO - Churchville, PA October 2017

  • "Very authentic, flavorful, and delicious! Highly recommend. "

    Lesley - Fairfax, VA January 2017

  • "Excellent taste!!! Hardly wait to try the rest of the samplers."

    Vickie - Belmont, CA May 2016

  • "Great way to sample the different kinds."

    Robert - Nazareth, PA October 2015

  • "A wonderful variey pack for slicing and eating and cooking. Wonderful flavors and textures."

    Pookie - West Chester, OH July 2015

  • "The Chorizo sampler gift bag provided the opportunity to taste 3 different types of chorizo, all tasted great."

    Michael - Mission Viejo, CA May 2015

  • JAMES - LAS VEGAS, NV December 2014

  • "This was a wonderful tasty addition to our buffet of snacks. We grilled for max. taste"

    Sue - Southport, NC December 2014

  • LAURA - TARRYTOWN, NY November 2014

  • "Great in scrambled eggs, etc."

    LINDA - Lakeland, FL October 2014

  • "Fantastic product and customer service!"

    William - Germantown, TN July 2014

  • "Delicious! One sampler was tastier than the next!"

    Margaret - East Williston June 2014

  • "Good selection and flavorsome!"

    Paulette - Vienna, VA June 2013

  • Michael - Manchester, NH June 2013

  • "The Tapas they were use for were very nice. The 27" Paella turned out great. This is the third year for our party and your service and care are wonderful. The Bomba rice really gets a lot of attention."

    Robert - La Grange, KY May 2013

  • MALKIA - MANASSAS, VA May 2013

  • Sherri - Oak Harbor, WA April 2013

  • LARRY - CHICAGO, IL April 2013

  • "I ordered them but couldnt have them because of health issues. My nephew said they were excellent."

    MARY - AUDUBON, PA March 2013

  • " this is second time we have ordered this item. We were very pleased."

    Nancy - Lake Como, PA February 2013

  • GGM - sunnyvale, CA January 2013

  • "Good selection, very tasty."

    Jorge - Oakland, California January 2013

  • "Delicious"

    Elizabeth - Olney, Maryland January 2013

  • "Good selection and great to serve with wine and cheese"

    Bill - Warminster, Pennsylvania January 2013

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