Catànies Chocolate Covered Almonds Gift Collection by Cudié

Catànies Chocolate Covered Almonds Gift Collection by Cudié

Five Boxes of Gourmet Candies

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  • Toasted whole Marcona almonds
  • Candied and coated with chocolate
  • Five different styles in individual boxes
  • About 4-6 pieces per box
  • Handmade in Barcelona
  • Size - 5 x 1.2 oz/35 gr

Share the famous chocolate almonds of Barcelona with this tempting gift set! Toasted whole Marcona almonds are candied then coated with chocolate and five gourmet flavors. All five attractive boxes are packaged together, a sweet gift for you or a friend.

The chocolate masters at Cudié invented a delicious new chocolate almond confection 50 years ago and named them Catànies. They became a hit, and the Cudié family continues to create new versions of this irresistible sweet. The heart of each Catànie is a whole roasted Marcona almond from Spain, considered the finest almond in the world.

This pack includes five flavors. The original Catànie is a whole almond coated in white chocolate and cocoa powder. Next comes the version coated in rich dark chocolate. Third is the dark chocolate blended with coffee beans. Fourth is white chocolate and creamy yogurt. Finally the newest version, coated in white chocolate and a green lemon lime powder.

In 1946, Josep Cudié, a chocolatier in the village of Vilafranca del Penedès outside of Barcelona, created a brand new chocolate treat when he coated caramelized Marcona almonds with white chocolate praline and cocoa powder, which he named Catànies.

The original almond praline recipe has been passed from generation to generation, preserving the tradition while creating new and innovative flavors. A family-run company, Bombons Cudié uses only the very best gourmet chocolate and the finest quality ingredients available.