Bonito del Norte Tuna 'Reserva de Familia' by Ortiz

Bonito del Norte Tuna 'Reserva de Familia' by Ortiz

Line Caught Tuna, Packed in Olive Oil

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All Natural

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  • White tuna in Olive Oil
  • Line-caught in the Cantabrian Sea
  • Mild and delicate
  • Delicious on salads or canapes
  • Ortiz Family Reserve
  • Size - 3.95 oz/112 gr

'Reserva de Familia' is the finest tuna by Ortiz. Bonito del Norte loins are line-caught, then prepared and packed by hand in olive oil in the Basque Country. Enjoy this special tuna on salads and canapes, or make the best tuna sandwich ever.

Ortiz 'Reserva de Familia' tuna is matured in their cellars for over a year, bathed in olive oil, creating a sublimely tender and delicate tuna. It seems surprising, but aging the tuna at a cool temperature actually improves its flavor and texture over time. We call it one of life's most affordable gourmet indulgences.

Bonito del Norte is Spain's finest tuna. They fatten up on small fish in the Bay of Biscay and are carefully caught by hand, avoiding the stress of harvesting by net. This results in a rich, flavorful tuna with an incredibly tender bite. 

Because it is caught by hook, Bonito del Norte tuna is 100% dolphin safe. It is a natural source for Omega 3 and is rich in vitamins A and D. These are small tunas, so they are much safer to eat than larger tunas like yellowfin.